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RG4373.AM:  Zion Lutheran Church (Hampton, Neb.)

Records:  1875-1976

Hampton, Hamilton County, Neb.:  Lutheran Church

Size:  14 volumes on 2 reels of microfilm


The German Evangelical Lutheran Zion Congregation of Unaltered Augsburg Confession was organized in 1873 by a group of Lutheran settlers in the Hampton, Nebraska area. The first church building was dedicated in 1877. The second church building was dedicated in 1883. It burned in 1896, and was replaced the next year by the present edifice. Construction costs for the present building totaled $6,850. A school has been administered in conjunction with the Zion congregation.

Zion Lutheran Church is the mother church for two other Lutheran congregations, one in Polk, Nebraska, and one in Hampton, Nebraska.


This collection consists of the records of the Zion Lutheran Church of Hampton, Nebraska on two reels of microfilm. The collection is arranged in five series: 1) Constitutions, By-Laws, and Rosters; 2) Church Registers; 3) Minutes; 4) Cash Books; and 5) Printed Matter.

The Constitutions, By-Laws and Rosters in Series 1 are contained in two volumes covering the period 1879-1975. The Church Registers in Series 2 contain lists of baptisms, communicants, rosters, marriages, deaths, confirmation registers, communion records, pastors, and lists of teachers, deacons, trustees and elders of the school and church council, 1875-1976. Series 3 has the minutes of quarterly and special meetings of the church, 1876-1969. The cash book in Series 4, which is written in German, dates from 1889-1929. Series 5, Printed Matter, contains one pamphlet, “A Short History of the German Evangelical Lutheran Zion Parish U.A.K. near Hampton, Nebraska, at Its 50th Anniversary” (1923).

Much of the material recorded herein is written in the German language. The records of Zion Lutheran Church were loaned for microfilming in January of 1977.


Series 1 – Constitutions, By-Laws and Rosters, 1879-1975

Reel 1


  1. Constitutions, by-laws and rosters

  2. Constitutions, by-laws and rosters

Series 2 – Church Registers, 1875-1976

  1. Register

  2. Cemetery Record Book

  3. Register

  4. Register

  5. Register

  6. Register

Series 3 – Minutes, 1876-1969

  1. Minutes

  2. Minutes

Reel 2


  1. Minutes

  2. Minutes

Series 4 – Cash Book, 1889-1929

  1. Cash Book

Series 5 – Printed Matter, 1923

  1. “A Short History of the German Evangelical Lutheran Zion Parish U.A.K. near Hampton, Nebraska, at Its 50th Anniversary.” (1923)



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