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RG5100.AM:  World War II Reminiscence Collection

Reminiscences:  ca. 1942-1945

Nebraska, etc.:

Size:  9 items


This collection consists of typed and handwritten reminiscences recorded by various Nebraskans.  These reminiscences describe life over seas and back in Nebraska during World War II.



    1. Bachle, Chester P. – describes his experiences during WWII, his wounding in the Philippines, and his return to Nebraska (4 pp. typed).

    1. Johnson, Mary L. (Barbur) – describes happenings in Geneva, Nebraska during WWII (11 pp. photocopies only).  Also included is a photograph of Mrs. Johnson holding a dress she wore as the air base church organist, and a four page newsletter entitled, “Remembering with Pride – 1996 Fairmont & Bruning Air Base Reunion, June 15-16, 1996.”

    1. Vestecka, Robert G. – describes some of his adventures in the U.S. Navy during WWII, including boot camp, ordnance training, sea travel, and his return to life in Nebraska (8 pp. typed).

    1. Mercer, Marian E. (Macdonald) – describes her education and service at a California hospital as a WAVE in the U.S. Navy Reserves during WWII (3 pp. handwritten).

    1. Kraft, Earl E. – mentions celebrating VE Day in downtown Lincoln.  Served in the Army after WWII and was stationed in Germany (1 pg. typed).

    1. Clark, Alice L. – describes working as a registered nurse in California during WWII.  She describes “blackout” plans at the hospital where she worked (2 pp. typed).

    1. Garey, Gary – describes life around Arapahoe, Nebraska during WWII.  He talks about having a Victory garden, collecting scrap iron, his uncle working at the Ordnance Plant at Grand Island, etc.  He also discusses rationing, and popular entertainment at the time (5 pp. handwritten).

    1. Garey, Rose Metz – describes life around McCook, Nebraska during WWII.  She talks about airplanes leaving the McCook Air Base and the blackout curtains at the home of her aunt (1 pg. handwritten).

    1. 1996 Fairmont & Bruning Air Base Reunion newsletter – includes historical information about the bases, as well as reminiscences by several people who served there during WWII.


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