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RG3967.AM:  Woman’s Relief Corps. Reno Relief Corps, No. 93 (Lexington, Neb.)

Records:  1889-1933

Lexington, Dawson County, Neb.:  Woman’s service organization

Size:  9 volumes and 1 folder on 1 roll of microfilm


In response to an invitation from the Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), extended to all the various ladies’ auxiliaries of the GAR, a meeting was held in Denver, Colorado, on July 25-26, 1883. Twenty-six organizations, from sixteen states, were represented in an effort to form an organization of a national order with a membership of women from every state. The Woman’s Relief Corps was founded to create such an organization. Its purpose was to unite in a fraternity whose object was to assist the GAR in all its charitable works and alleviate the distress of suffering of any need veteran soldier or sailor of the Civil War. The national organization of the Woman’s Relief Corps was comprised of state departments, which were in turn composed of local corps. The Nebraska Department was organized on April 2, 1884. The Reno Relief Corps, no. 93, of Lexington, Nebraska, was organized on May 28, 1889.


This collection consists of one reel of microfilm containing nine volumes and one folder of manuscript material arranged in five series: 1) Journals, 1899-1933; 2) Ledgers, 1902-1918; 3) Cash Books, 1902-1929; 4) Membership Rolls, 1889-1902; and 5) Miscellany. This material relates to the business conducted by the Reno Corps, #93, of Lexington, Nebraska. This group was a local organization of the nationally-organized Woman’s Relief Corps, the woman’s auxiliary of the GAR.

The Journals, 1889-1933, of Series 1, are minutes of the Reno Relief Corps. Included is information about the group’s officers, committees, and memberships; plans and programs; and financial resources and liabilities. The Ledgers, 1902-1918 of Series 2, are account books of dues paid by the membership. Entries record the name of the member, date, and amount paid.

Series 3 contains Cash Books, 1902-1929, which show cash received and cash expended. The date, the person involved in the transaction, and for what purpose the money was collected or spent is shown. Relief Fund records begin on page 144 of each volume. Series 4 consists of Membership Rolls, 1889-1902, which are dated and show the signature and residence of each member listed. Sometimes notes are included about the member, showing whether she was discharged or when she died. The Miscellany of Series 5 contains some General Orders (issued nationally or just in Nebraska), a roster, correspondence, and quarterly reports.

Note:  The collection was loaned for microfilming by the Dawson County Historical Society in September of 1979. The Nebraska State Historical Society does not hold the original records.


Reel 1

Series 1 – Journals, 1889-1933


  1. 1889, May 28 – 1895, July 21

  2. 1895, Sept. 7 – 1902, Jan. 4

  3. 1912, Feb. 7 – 1922, Jan. 10

  4. 1922, Jan. 4 – 1933, May 3

Series 2 – Ledgers, 1902-1918

  1. 1902-1911

  2. 1910-1918

Series 3 – Cash Books, 1902-1929

  1. 1902-1917

  2. 1918-1929

Series 4 – Membership Rolls, 1889-1902

  1. 1889-1902

Series 5 – Miscellaneous

  1. Includes General Orders (issued nationally or just in Nebraska), roster, correspondence, quarterly reports



Dawson County (Neb.) — History

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Woman’s Relief Corps. Reno Relief Corps, No. 93 (Lexington, Neb.)

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