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RG2637.AM:  William M. Condon, 1865-1920

Papers:  1868-1920, n.d.

Humphrey, Platte County, Neb.:  Dentist

Size:  0.25 cu.ft.; 1 box


William M. Condon practiced dentistry in Omaha until 1886, when he moved to Humphrey to start a new practice, but his ties with Omaha were never severed. He was one of the founders of Creighton Dental College and later served as professor of crowns and bridges at the college and served as secretary of the Creighton Board of Regents. A few years before his death he left the profession of dentistry to become president of the Bank of Ottis and Murphy in Humphrey, Nebraska. Later he sold his banking interest to embark in a new business venture, the Atlas Company of Humphrey and Columbus, Nebraska. Dr. Condon died in Long Beach, California, on May 21, 1920.


The Condon collection is arranged in four series: 1) Correspondence, 2) Deeds, 3) Women’s club file, and 4) Miscellaneous material. The correspondence consists of three letters, two dated 1919 and one 1890. Series 2 is composed largely of warranty deeds to property owned by Thomas Ottis which date from 1892-1906. The Women’s Club file contains pamphlets and clippings relating to the organizations in Humphrey and Madison, Nebraska, 1900-1908. Miscellaneous items include the citizenship application of D.M. O’Sullivan, 1868; registration of W.M. Condon as a dentist in Platte County, 1887; clippings, etc. The bulk of the Condon collection consists of records and printed matter. Correspondence and manuscript material comprise only a small portion of these papers.


Series 1 – Correspondence

Box 1


  1. November 1890; John W. Raney to D.M. Ottis

    November 21, 1919; W.M. Condon to Paul Cys

    December 5, 1919; M.E. Ottis to Paul Cys

Series 2 – Deeds

  1. 1892-1906; Largely warranty deeds to property of Thomas Ottis

Series 3 – Women’s Club file

  1. Pamphlets, programs, and clippings of the organizations in Humphrey and Madison, Nebraska

Series 4 – Miscellaneous Material

  1. Registration of W.M. Condon as a dentist in Platte County, 1887

    Citizenship application of D.M. O’Sullivan, June 2, 1868

    Clippings, including two telling of Dr. Condon’s death by drowning, Long Beach, California, May 21, 1920

    School papers of Nora Condon, daughter of W.M. Condon

  2. Miscellany and Memorabilia

  3. Photocopies of biographical and genealogical information on Thomas Condon family

  4. Biographical information on Nora Condon, including obituaries and memorials



Condon family

Condon, Nora

Condon, William M., 1865-1920

Dentistry — Nebraska

Women’s clubs — Nebraska — Humphrey

Women’s clubs — Nebraska — Madison

Women’s clubs — Nebraska — Platte County


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