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RG3714.AM:  William I. Aitken, 1896-1978

Papers:  1932-1978, mostly 1932-1969

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska:  Lawyer, civic leader

Size:  0.25 cu. ft., 1 box


Born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1896, William I. Aitken attended the University of Nebraska and Harvard Law School, where he received his law degree in 1921. After returning to Lincoln, Aitken started the law firm of Woods and Aitken with co-founder Thomas C. Woods, Sr. In 1974, the Lincoln Bar Association honored him for his more than 50 years of practice. Aitken held many positions throughout his career including director, vice president, and general counsel of Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Co., director of Woodmen Accident and Life Co., University of Nebraska Foundation trustee, director and vice president of the Lincoln Foundation, and director of the National Bank of Commerce Trust and Savings. He was also the director and president of the University Club and the Country Club of Lincoln, served as a director of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, and was a member and vice president of the Water Advisory Board. William I. Aitken died in Lincoln on July 4, 1978. He was survived by his wife and three children.


The collection consists mostly of testimonials written by William I. Aitken upon the retirement or death of various community leaders, business leaders, and political figures around Lincoln, Nebraska. Some of the people represented include University of Nebraska Chancellor, Samuel Avery, District Court Judge, James Donohoe, Supreme Court Judge, Leonard Flansburg, and Mayor of Lincoln, Clark Jeary. Also included in the collection are an address by Aitken on Social Security legislation, and a folder of photocopied obituaries for Aitken.


Box 1


  1. Allen, Thomas Stinson (1865-1945), memorial booklet

  2. Avery, Samuel (1865-1936), memorial resolution

  3. Bates, Harry Cole (1891-1948), memorial resolution

  4. Bourke, Leonard K. (1898-1946), memorial booklet

  5. Donohoe, James A. (1877-1956), memorial booklet

  6. Everett, Harry Harding (1875-1949), memorial booklet

  7. Ferguson, Myrtle Likes, tribute, 1968

  8. Flansburg, Leonard A. (1882-1957), memorial booklet, etc.

  9. Hale, Merle M. (1902- ), tribute

  10. Hansen, Elmer M. (1893- ), memorial resolution

  11. Holmes, George W. (1880-1965), memorial resolution

  12. Jeary, Clark (1892-1959), memorial resolution

  13. Munger, Thomas C. (1861-1941), memorial resolution

  14. Potter, Herbert W. (1889- ), tribute, 1967

  15. Putney, William W. (1893-1969), memorial resolution

  16. Rose, Halleck Fruit (1863-1932), memorial booklet

  17. Rose, William B. (1862-1946), memorial booklet

  18. Spangler, C.E. (1871-1943), memorial booklet

  19. Steinhart, Morton (1889- ), tribute, 1967

  20. Talbot, A.R. (1859-1944), memorial booklet

  21. Ward, C. Lauer (1910-1958), memorial resolution

  22. Wheeler, Hiland H. (1889-1952), memorial resolution

  23. Woods, Henry C. (1895- ), tribute, 1967

  24. Address, ìSome Aspects of Social Security Legislation,î 1937

  25. Obituaries for William I. Aitken




Lincoln, Neb. Social Life and Customs

Allen, Thomas Stinson, 1865-1945

Avery, Samuel, 1865-1936

Bates, Harry Cole, 1891-1948

Bourke, Leonard K., 1898-1946

Donohoe, James A., 1877-1956

Everett, Harry Harding, 1875-1949

Ferguson, Myrtle Likes

Flansburg, Leonard A., 1882-1957

Hale, Merle M., 1902-

Hansen, Elmer M., 1893-

Holmes, George W., 1880-1965

Jeary, Clark, 1892-1959

Munger, Thomas C., 1861-1941

Potter, Herbert W., 1889-

Putney, William W., 1893-1969

Rose, Halleck Fruit, 1863-1932

Rose, William B., 1862-1946

Spangler, C.E., 1871-1943

Steinhart, Morton, 1889-

Talbot, A.R., 1859-1944

Ward, C. Lauer, 1910-1958

Wheeler, Hiland H., 1889-1952

Woods, Henry C., 1895-


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