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RG1316.AM:  William H.H. Pillsbury, 1840-1895

Papers:  1896

Fullerton, Nance County, Nebraska: Methodist minister

Size:  One folder


The son of Tobias and Susan Pillsbury, William Henry Harrison Pillsbury was born on July 14, 1840, in York County, Maine.  He started attending Maine Wesleyan Seminary in 1861, but his studies were interrupted by the Civil War.  He enlisted in Company I, Maine 17th Infantry Regiment in 1862 and was mustered out at the end of 1863.  After leaving the military, Pillsbury attended and graduated from Boston University School of Theology.  He attended the Methodist General Bible Institute of New Hampshire in 1867 and was assigned to the Second Methodist Episcopal Church in Kittery, Maine, in 1868.

Reverend Pillsbury married Elizabeth Crabtree Bowers on August 3, 1871.  The couple had at least seven children.  The Pillsbury’s moved to Mount Pleasant, Iowa, in the early 1870s and later to Wapello, Iowa.   The family relocated to Nebraska in the mid-1880s.  Rev. Pillsbury served the Methodist Church at Fullerton, Nebraska, from 1886-1887, and again from 1893-1895.  He was elected county treasurer of Nance County in the fall of 1894.  Rev. William H.H. Pillsbury died at his home in Fullerton on December 28, 1895.


The collection consists of one folder containing a condolence letter, October 8, 1896, from the Grand Army of the Republic to the Pillsbury family regarding the death of Rev. W.H.H. Pillsbury.  Included is a three page hand-written memorial resolution in honor of Rev. Pillsbury by the New England Association of Veteran Soldiers and Sailors dated August 27, 1896.



  1. Letter, 1896, Oct. 8, G.A.R.

  2. Memorial resolution, 1896, Aug. 27, New England Association of Veteran Soldiers and Sailors


Subject headings:

Grand Army of the Republic

New England Association of Veteran Soldiers and Sailors

Pillsbury, William H.H., 1840-1895


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