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RG4216.AM:  Wekesser Residence (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Architectural drawings:  1924 or 1925

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Size: 1 folder; 12 sheets


Alexander Wekesser, a prominent Lincoln businessman of the 1920’s, was born in Russia in 1882.  Four years later, the Wekessers arrived in America where Alexander was educated in the Lincoln public schools during the 1890s.  Wekesser began a commercial printing firm, specializing as a publisher of legal briefs, in 1911.  Known as “Wekesser the Brief Man,” his business grew so as to enable him to establish the Wekesser Company in 1920.  In 1922, Wekesser-Brinkman Co., Law and Commercial Printers, was established.  Alexander Wekesser and his family resided at 1020 South 19th Street.  The first city directory for the Wekesser family at this address was in 1925.  Apparently, the house designed by A. W. Woods for Wekesser was built during that year.

Alfred W. Woods, born in St. Clair County, Illinois in 1857, arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1884 or 1885.  An architect in Lincoln for over fifty years, Woods’ specialty was church design, planning thirteen churches in Lincoln and designing more than one hundred churches in the midwest.


This collection consists of one folder of architectural drawings.  The drawings, in blueprint form, were made by A.W. Woods, architect for the Lincoln residence of Alexander Wekesser.  The drawings for the Wekesser residence at 1020 South 19th Street include exterior elevations, interior floor plans, and a garage design.

Acc. no. M85-48



  1. Basement

  2. Main Floor Plan

  3. Second Floor Plan

  4. Roof Plan

  5. Front Elevation of Residence (faces west)

  6. South Side

  7. East Elevation

  8. North Side

  9. Cupboard in Breakfast Room; Kitchen Cupboard; Main Cornice; Front Door, Marquee

  10. Cupboard in Breakfast Room; Kitchen Cupboard

  11. Fireplace Section

  12. Garage – Floor Plan, Section, South Side, West Side


Subject headings:

Architects — Nebraska

Architectural drawings

Buildings — Lincoln (Nebraska)

Wekesser, Alexander, 1882-1963

Woods, Alfred W., 1857-1942


AIP/ksa                 01-1990