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RG6238.AM:  Walter C. Speece, 1914-2002


York, Nebraska; Loveland, Colorado:  Teacher

Size:  0.2 cu.ft.; 1 box


Born in Meadowlands, Minnesota on September 18, 1914, Walter Calvin Speece grew up in York, Nebraska.  He graduated from York College in 1935 with a degree in mathematics.  He went on to receive his master’s degree in school administration and mathematics.  Speece married Marjorie Arn at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, on July 4, 1937.  The couple had two daughters.

Walter Speece taught mathematics at Alvo and Bridgeport, Nebraska, before moving to Loveland, Colorado, in 1951.  Speece retired from Loveland High School in 1981.  During his 45-year career, he also served as a school superintendent for a time in Nebraska.  Speece was also an avid writer, compiling various stories about his life.

Walter Calvin Speece died at Loveland, Colorado, on April 15, 2002.


This collection consists of one box containing various short stories, reminiscences and anecdotes written by Walter C. Speece.


Box 1

Folder 1 – Writings


    1. Now, All Push

    1. I’ll Be Switched

    1. Splat

    1. Two Weeks of Servitude

    1. The Load of Hay

    1. An Old Mattress

    1. Pop’s Ear

    1. The Sixth Grade Choir

    1. The Keystone Kop

    1. If You Shouldn’t Have Shot, You Can’t Miss

    1. Humdinger

    1. Writing In the Snow

    1. The Neighborly Thing

    1. The Old Dinner Horn

    1. Fried Potatoes

    1. A Three Ring Circus

    1. My Father the Trickster

    1. The Banana Mushmellon

    1. Does Pippa Pass?

    1. Gullibility

    1. On a Park Bench

    1. The ‘Lectric Fence

    1. Happy Landings

    1. Tresspass

    1. The Great Bike Race

    1. What Not To Do With an Old Magneto

    1. Hallowe’en At the Church

    1. Undressed by a Hay Fork

    1. Pat Paints a Fence

    1. A Man and His Hat

    1. An Amorous Swain

    1. How Did He Find Out?

Folder 2 – Writings continued


    1. Dinner In the Park

    1. The “B” Team Banquet

    1. When the Bell Tolled

    1. A Close Call

    1. To My Valentine

    1. The Day They Closed the Diner

    1. The Water Trap

    1. The Hallowe’en Fence

    1. The Purple Cow

    1. The Fish Duck

    1. Ross’s Revenge

    1. Sylvie and The Wasp

    1. Chocolate in August

    1. We Initiate Some Freshman

    1. A Big Fish Story

    1. The Freshman Beanie

    1. Humdinger’s Big Fish

    1. The Lady in Black

    1. Ol’ Lady Larkin

    1. Amen

    1. Thirty Miles on a Mule

    1. Virgil’s Date

    1. Football ‘34

    1. Much Ado About Very Little

    1. Bridal Veil Falls

    1. The Ride Through Moffat Tunnel

    1. Art’s Story

    1. Stung

    1. Brotherly Love

    1. The Fun of Fishing Alone

    1. Off the Wall

    1. The Acolyte

Folder 3 – Biographical information


Subject headings:

Farm life


Speece family

Speece, Walter C., 1914-2002

York (Neb.)

York County (Neb.)


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