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RG1358.AM:  Viola Vosburgh (Cundiff) Rendleman, 1876-1942

Papers:  1890-1893

Sidney, Cheyenne County, Nebraska:  Teacher

Size:  One folder


Born at Cairo, Illinois on October 27, 1876, Viola Cundiff was the daughter of Robert and Adelaide (Phillips) Cundiff.  By 1890 Viola and Adelaide were living in Sidney, Nebraska.  In 1893 Viola had taken a job as a teacher with school district 132 in Cheyenne County, Nebraska.  She attended Southern Illinois Normal University at Carbondale, Illinois around 1895.  Viola married John J. Rendleman on January 10, 1899 in Chicago, Illinois.  From 1900 to 1920 the Rendelmans lived in Cairo, Illinois.  Viola (Cundiff) Rendleman passed away at San Luis Obispo, California on April 20, 1942.


The collection consists of one folder containing various memorabilia of Viola (Cundiff) Rendleman.  Included are several high school entertainment programs, a teacher’s contract, an autograph book, etc.  The items date from 1890 to 1893.



  1. Teacher’s Institute Certificate of Public Schools of Nebraska for Viola Cundiff, September 4, 1890

  2. Program, “Grand Entertainment for the Benefit of the Stars & Stripes Lodge No. 67, I.C.G.T. of Fort Sidney, Neb. on Friday Evening, October 3, 1890 at The Post Theatre.”

  3. Program, “School Entertainment. Given by the pupils of Sidney Public Schools at The Post Theatre, Friday Evening, Dec. 20th.”

  4. Program, “High School Entertainment at The Post Theatre, Tuesday Evening, April 7th 1891.”

  5. Program, “High School Entertainment at The Post Theatre, Tuesday Evening, April 7th 1891.” (copy 2)

  6. Autograph book of Viola Cundiff, 1890-1891

  7. Resolution by the Union Valley Farmers Alliance No. 2168 in appreciation of Mrs. A.A. Cundiff, April 11, 1891.

  8. Membership card for Mrs. A.A. Cundiff in the State Farmers Alliance of Nebraska, June 13, 1891.

  9. Letter from Col. Poland, New York, to Viola Cundiff, February 4, 1892.

  10. Teacher’s contract for Miss Viola Cundiff with school district no. 132, Cheyenne County, Nebraska, March 29, 1893.

  11. Book, Adams, Florence A. Fowle, Gesture and Pantomimic Action, Edgar S. Werner, New York, 1891.


Subject headings:

Cheyenne County, Nebraska — History

Entertainment — Nebraska

Griffin, Adelaide (Phillips) Cundiff, ca. 1850-

Rendleman, Viola Vosburgh (Cundiff), 1876-1942

Teachers — Nebraska

The Post Theatre (Sidney, Nebraska)

Theater — Nebraska


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