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RG3230.AM:  United Church of Christ (Scribner, Neb.)

Records:  1871-1974

Scribner, Dodge County, Neb.:  United Church of Christ

Size:  8 volumes on 1 reel of microfilm


On December 28, 1871, a small group of pioneers assembled in the home of J.B. Robinson at Pebble, Dodge County, Nebraska, for the purpose of establishing a Congregational Church. With the assistance of the Rev. Thomas Douglas, then minister at Fontanelle, an organization known as the Congregational Church of Pebble was formed. Charter members were Andrew Warwick and his wife Sarah, Lena C. Cayton, and Marie Wright. These, with a church society of seven others who were regular attendants at religious services held previous to this date, formed the nucleus of the congregation. Rev. Andrew Warwick was the first pastor and for about five years services were held in the schoolhouse.

In 1876 the church was moved to Scribner village and became known as the 1st Congregational Church of Scribner. The church had no edifice of its own and services were held in Meyer’s hall until 1882 when a building was erected on the present site. In 1902 the west annex was built. In 1922 the entire structure was raised and a full basement added, together with modernizing improvements. The Rev. M.B. Harrison, served as pastor of this church and community for more than 35 years. Other pastors were the Rev. Guy R. Birch, Rev. E.E. Erickson, Rev. L.M. Albrecht, Rev. Homer C. Marlett and the Rev. William F. Reitmeier. The church is now known as the United Church of Christ.


This collection consists of the records of the United Church of Christ of Scribner, Nebraska, on one reel of microfilm. The records relate to the activities of the church, 1871-1974, and include lists of members, pastors, deacons; records of meetings, baptisms, marriages, and funerals; and reports: ministers’ reports, financial and annual reports. The records were loaned for microfilming in February of 1974.


Series 1 – Church Records, 1871-1974

Reel 1


  1. 1871-1880; includes history of the church, list of members and minutes of church meetings

  2. 1901-1908; includes church roll, funerals, baptisms and marriages

  3. 1909-1918; includes church roll, funerals, baptisms and marriages

  4. 1920-1942; includes baptisms, pastors, deacons, members received and minutes of special meetings

  5. 1942-1955; includes register of members, register of baptisms, marriages, records of meetings, and records of officers

  6. 1956-1963; includes register of pastors, members, deaths, and minutes of meetings

  7. 1964-1968; includes register of pastors, members, deaths, and minutes of meetings

  8. 1968-1974; includes treasurer’s report, minutes of meetings, pastors reports and annual reports



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