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RG3553.AM:  Thomas Paul Beall, 1872-1960

Papers:  1925, 1948-1960

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska:  Teacher; writer

Size:  0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box


Born in Virginia in 1872, Thomas Paul Beall came to Nebraska with his family in 1879.  He graduated from the University of Nebraska and Columbia University.  Beall spent more than forty years teaching and in administration, holding posts at Diller, Edison, Max and Wheeler County in Nebraska, Nodaway and Essex, Iowa, and Wakonda, South Dakota.  After retiring in 1948 he became a prolific writer, mostly writing for church-related publications.  He wrote various articles, short stories, poems, etc. that were used in publications such as Front Rank, The Young People, Lutheran Youth, The Lutheran Companion and Classmate.  On occasion he was published under the name Malcolm Bonner.  Thomas P. Beall died at his home in Lincoln, Nebraska, on September 10, 1960.  He was survived by his wife, Lulu, and two daughters, Mrs. F.D. Young and Mrs. Estella MacDoniels.


This collection consists of one box of manuscript material relating to Thomas P Beall’s writing career.  The bulk of the collection consists of manuscripts and published versions of his writings.  Many of the manuscripts were written for a proposed book by Beall entitled, Lights of the Centuries: Christian Statesmen, Leaders and Reformers, which apparently was never published (folders 2 through 4).  Also included is one folder containing correspondence, mostly from publishers relating to various articles he had published.


Box 1


  1. Correspondence, 1925, 1948-1960

  2. “Lights of the Centuries” manuscripts, including:

    Title page, introduction, preface, contents, index

    Adolphus, Gustavus

    Anthony, Susan B.

    Augustine, Saint

    Bradford, William

    Bryan, William Jennings

    Calvin, John

    Campbell, Alexander

    Channing, William Ellery

  3. Constantine

    Cromwell, Oliver

    Garfield, James A.

    Gladstone, William Ewart

    Hopkins, Mark

    Luther, Martin

    Mann, Horace

    Penn, William

  4. Roosevelt, Theodore

    Victoria, Queen

    Washington, Booker T.

    Washington, George

    Wesley, John

    Willard, Frances E.

    Williams, Roger

    Winthrop, John

    Wycliffe, John

  5. Other manuscripts including:

    Three Scholarly Presidents [John Quincy Adams, James A. Garfield, Woodrow Wilson]

    Reminiscences of Fifty Years Ago

    Is There a Bureaucracy in England?

    The Significance of the Aristocracy in English Constitutional Government

    John Foster Dulles

    The Problems of Second Chamber Reforms

    Was the Labor “Safety Valve” a Fallacy?

    The Wage Earner and the Western Migrations

    Gutzon Borglum


    The River Jordan

    A Layman’s View of the Church

    An Unsung Heroine of Early Religious Experience in Nebraska [Rosalthe Brink Ayer]

    Indians, a Battle-Canyon, and a Monument

    Utility and Ornamental Yard Fencing of Rural and Urban Homes, and How I Constructed My Own Yard Fence

    The Gardener [poem]

    Aunt Edna’s Story

    What Phyllis Overlooked (by Mary Elizabeth Gahens)

    Untitled/incomplete manuscript

  6. Published writings, 1948-1960


Subject headings:

Authors — Nebraska

Beall, Thomas Paul, 1872-1960

Educators — Nebraska

Teachers — Nebraska


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