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RG3960.AM:  St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (Pilger, Neb.)

Records:  1891-1968

Pilger, Stanton County, Neb.:  Evangelical Lutheran church

Size:  1 reel of microfilm


St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Pilger, Nebraska, was officially organized October 10, 1907. Before this time, beginning in 1903, services were conducted in the local schoolhouse, and then the Baptist church by Rev. Mueller, the church’s organizer. The church building was erected and dedicated in 1907. The bell tower and steeple were added in 1911. A new church building was dedicated in 1950.

St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church incorporated into its membership the St. Petri’s Evangelical Congregation, which had been organized in 1898. St. Petri’s merged with St. Peter’s in 1948, donating its edifice to the new church which was completed in 1950. Also contributing to St. Peter’s growth was the incorporation of St. Paul’s Danish Lutheran Church. The records in this collection include material from all three churches, but they are all considered to be records of St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Pilger, Nebraska. Although at one time a congregation may have been located in Cuming County, slightly across the county line, the Church is considered to exist in Pilger, Stanton County.


This collection consists of 7 volumes of church records on 1 reel of microfilm arranged in 4 series: 1) Minutes, 1891-1968; 2) Parish Records, 1892-1959; 3) Treasurer’s Records, 1891-1904 and 3 pages of Confirmation Records, 1913-1914; and 4) Women’s Organization Minutes, 1903-1928. This collection contains the church records of St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Pilger, Nebraska. Also included in this collection are the records of St. Petri’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and St. Paul’s Danish Lutheran Church. Both of these institutions were incorporated into St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Series 1 consists of Minutes for St. Petri’s, 1891-1948 and St. Peter’s, 1950-1968, Evangelical Lutheran Churches. Minutes were taken in German until 1922, when English was used. Besides the minutes for the annual meetings, the Articles of Incorporation and Constitution for St. Petri’s are also included. The Parish Records of Series 2, 1892-1959, contain information about members of all three churches. Information on baptisms, confirmations, marriages, communions, burials, membership names, and pastors is provided in these records.

Series 3 contains St. Petri’s Treasurer’s Records, 1891-1904. Listings of contributions, expenditures, and salaries are shown. Also included is a listing of the 1913-1914 Confirmation Class. Series 4 consists of Women’s Organization Minutes, 1903-1946. The St. Petri’s Sisters of Mary Minutes, 1903-1928 (in German) and the Minutes of the St. Peter’s Ladies Aid Society (in English), 1934-1946, comprise this series.


Series 1 – Minutes, 1891-1968

Reel 1


  1. St. Petri’s Church, 1891-1948

    St. Peter’s Church, 1950-1968

Series 2 – Parish Records, 1892-1959

  1. St. Petri’s, 1892-1930

  2. St. Petri’s, 1911-1936

  3. St. Petri’s, 1927-1959

Series 3 – Treasurer’s Records, 1891-1904; Confirmation Records, 1913-1914

  1. St. Petri’s Treasurer’s Records, 1891-1904 (in German)

    3 pages of Confirmation Class material, 1913-1914

Series 4 – Women’s Organization Minutes, 1903-1946

  1. St. Petri’s Sisters of Mary, 1903-1928 (in German)

  2. St. Peter’s Ladies Aid Society, 1934-1946



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