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RG4998.AM:  Sharp-Bockoven Families

Papers:  1864-1950

Shelby, Polk County; Grand Island, Hall County; and Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Size:  0.75 cu.ft.; 2 boxes


Peter Weiser was born in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, on August 10, 1833.  At the age of 26 he moved to Louisa, Iowa (1856).  Five years later, Peter enlisted in the Civil War.  In 1871 he homesteaded in Polk County, Nebraska.  He was married to Eveline Metts, with whom he had four children:  George E., Minnie Mae, Mary Kathryn, and Eva Maude.  Upon retirement from farming he moved to Shelby, Nebraska.  Peter Weiser died Jan. 22, 1933.

Theodore M. Sharp was born about 1876, one of two sons and six daughters born to Lewis Sharp.  Theodore lived in Grand Island, Nebraska and Lincoln, Nebraska where he worked in the laundry and dry cleaning business.  He married Pearl Dunlap and the couple had two daughters, Elizabeth and Marguerite.  Theodore died in February 1937.

Minnie Mae Bockoven, born September 14, 1875, was the daughter of Peter and Eveline (Metts) Weiser of Polk County, Nebraska.  On February 22, 1897, she married Charles W. Bockoven, who was born about 1877 in Shelby, Nebraska.  They lived in Polk County, Nebraska and Lincoln, Nebraska and had two sons, Peter W. and Ralph E. Bockoven.  Minnie Mae died in Lincoln in February 1976.

Peter W. Bockoven was born January 9, 1899, in Seward, Nebraska.  Peter was a World War I veteran.  Following the war, he lived in Lincoln, Nebraska and worked for Continental Oil Company.  He died June 1985 in Fremont, Nebraska.

Ralph E. Bockoven was born July 16, 1909 in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He wed Elizabeth Sharp, with whom he had two daughters, Joyce and Pamela.  The family lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, where Ralph died on March 4, 1993.


This collection is arranged in five Subgroups:  1) Correspondence, 1910-1950; 2) Autograph Books, 1885-1926; 3) Peter Weiser Homestead Log, Accounts and Personal History Book; 4) Theodore Sharp Dry Cleaning Materials; and 5) Miscellaneous.

The letters of Subgroup 1, Series 1 were primarily written to Ralph Bockoven during his teen years by his mother, grandmother, and brother.  Miscellaneous family letters are filed in Series 2.

Autograph books belonging to four family members form Subgroup 2.  The books contain inscriptions from family and friends. 

Peter Weiser’s log, Subgroup 3, records a variety of information about his time in the Civil War, homesteading in Polk County, Nebraska, personal expenses, and notes about farming and planting.

Subgroup 4 consists of information about Theodore Sharp’s dry cleaning business, including cleaning recipes and formulas, an address notebook, and expenses.

Subgroup 5 contains family history information, paper games, and other miscellaneous materials.


Subgroup 1: Correspondence, 1910-1950

Series 1 – Ralph Bockoven, 1919-1930

Box 1


  1. February 16, 1919-August 29, 1927

  2. September 13, 1927-August 9, 1930

Series 2 – Miscellaneous, 1910-1950

  1. Correspondence, June 21, 1910-January 5, 1950

Subgroup 2: Autograph books, 1885-1926

  1. Theodore Sharp, 1885-1887

  2. Pearl Dunlap, 1892-1897

  3. Minnie Weiser, 1890-1926

  4. Charlie Bockoven, 1891

Subgroup 3: Peter Weiser Homestead log, etc.

  1. Peter Weiser homestead log, accounts, personal history book

Subgroup 4: Theodore Sharp dry cleaning materials

  1. Account Book

Box 2


  1. Notebook

  2. Receipts

Subgroup 5: Miscellaneous

  1. Family history

  2. Word games

  3. Miscellaneous


Subject headings:

Bockoven family

Homesteading — Nebraska

Sharp family


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