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RG2425.AM:  Sarpy County Historical Society (Bellevue, Nebraska)

Papers:  1857-1957

Bellevue, Sarpy County, Nebraska:  Historical organization

Size: 0.25 cu.ft.; 1 box and 2 reels of microfilm


The Sarpy County Historical Society was organized April 28, 1934, in Papillion, Nebraska.

The collection is arranged in five series:  1) Documents on microfilm; 2) Real estate and election records; 3) Manuscripts, 4) Biographical and genealogical files; and 5) Miscellaneous material.

Series one consists of two reels of microfilm which contain documents pertaining to the construction of a courthouse at Bellevue, 1858-1861; an undated map of Bellevue; petitions for the incorporation of Sarpy county towns, 1857-1897; a certificate of the Sarpy County Agricultural Society, September 1, 1886; a history of Sarpy County, and historical material on the Presbyterian Church of Bellevue, Nebraska.  The file of real estate and election records in series two contains copies of Bellevue and Sarpy County documents, 1857-1858; a copy of Sarpy County land entries, 1857-1875; and a pamphlet, “Sarpy County Farm Mortgages,” printed in 1889.

Series three consists of five typewritten manuscripts which describe the early history of Sarpy County.  Additional historical data can be found in the series of biographies and genealogies which are arranged alphabetically by family name.  Miscellaneous items include three mailing lists, two broadsides of Sarpy County history, a newspaper clipping dated 1934 which describes the Sarpy County Historical Society’s organizational meeting, and two issues of The Sarpy Centennial Newspaper, August 1957, published by the Gretna Breeze, Gretna, Nebraska.


Series 1 – Documents on Microfilm

Reel 1

Documents, 1858-1861 pertaining to the construction of a courthouse at Bellevue

Undated map of Bellevue

Petitions for the incorporation of Sarpy County towns, 1857-1897

Certificate of the Sarpy County Agricultural Society, September 1, 1886

Reel 2

Sarpy County History, n.d., 15 pp

Historical Address on Bellevue Church, 1956, 9 pp

History of the First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue, Nebraska, 1883, 3 pp

History of the Bellevue Presbyterian Church, 1898, 4 pp

Series 2 – Real Estate and Election Records, 1857-1899

Box 1


  1. 1857-1858; “Sarpy County Documents,” copies of records pertaining to the organization of the city of Bellevue and the county elections of 1958.  21 pp, typed, 2 copies

  2. 1857-1875; “Early Sarpy County Land Entries,” typewritten copy of land records, 95 pp.

    1899; “Sarpy County Farm Mortgages,” Pamphlet, 12 pp, 4 copies

Series 3 – Manuscripts

  1. David R. Kerr, “Semi-Centennial history of the Bellevue Presbyterian Church; largely prepared by President David R. Kerr of Bellevue College, and read at re-dedication of the church building on May 13, 1904,” 3 pp, typed

    Harriet S. Macmurphy, “Some squatters with a History,” 6 pp, typed

    Helen Irene Peterson, “Sarpy County,” 4 pp, typed, 3 copies

    C.W. Sack, “Sarpy County History,” 15 pp, typed

    Joel Warner, “Manuscript by Joel Warner,” Includes sketch of Rev. William Hamilton, missionary to the Omaha and Oto tribes, 11 pp, typed; copy of manuscript deposited in the Sarpy County Historical Society

Series 4 – Biographical and Genealogical files

  1. Hood family

    Helen Fletcher

    Oscar Kayser

    William J. McCorkindale; photographs

    McDermut family history, by E. (McDermut) Plant, 1941

    Walter R. Martin

    Storrs family, biography and memoirs.  Photograph of the “Zalmon Storrs home built about 1858”

    Benjamine Ryder Stouffer

    Van Norman family, 1941

    Zurcher family, 1941

Series 5 – Miscellaneous material      

3 mailing lists, 1936, 1941 and undated

2 broadsides of Sarpy County history

Newspaper clipping, The Papillion Times, May 3, 1934, containing an Account of the Society’s organizational meeting

The Sarpy Centennial Newspaper published by the Greta Breeze, Gretna, Nebraska, August 1, 1957; August 2, 1957, 2 copies


Subject headings:

Bellevue (Nebraska) — History

Presbyterian Church — Nebraska — Bellevue

Sarpy County Historical Society (Bellevue, Nebraska)

Sarpy County (Nebraska) — Biography

Sarpy County (Nebraska) — Genealogy


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