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RG1259.AM:  Rothleutner Family

Papers:  1886-1966, n.d.

Kilgore, Cherry County, Nebraska:  Cattle ranching; Mercantile

Size:  4.0 cu. ft.; 6 boxes


Cornelia Ann Davis was born near Pawlings, New York, on June 21, 1858. The daughter of Stephen G. and Mary E. Davis, Cornelia was the fourth of five children and lived in New York until 1878 when her family moved to Columbus, Nebraska. She resided there until January 16, 1884 when she married Frank Rothleutner. In 1884, she went with him to his homestead near Ewing, Nebraska. They lived there with the exception of one year when they resided in Deadwood, South Dakota so Frank could work in the mines. Early in 1892 they moved south of Kilgore, Nebraska near the Niobrara River and two years later, they moved into the town. They had three children: Joseph Augustus, Stanley Max, and Celia Florence. Frank Rothleutner died on November 17, 1924. Cornelia Davis Rothleutner died in 1940.

Joseph Rothleutner was born on January 26, 1888 south of Ewing, Nebraska. At the age of four he moved with his parents, Frank and Cornelia, to Cherry County and when they moved into Kilgore he and his father entered the mercantile and cattle business. In 1925, after his father’s passing, he sold out the mercantile business and in 1929 founded the firm of Kilgore Service Station. During the early 1930s, he was the feed and seed loan inspector for Cherry County and surrounding areas. He was later transferred to North Platte where he continued as an inspector for two years. In October of 1942 he was appointed deputy with the Internal Revenue Service, and served at Omaha, McCook, Alliance and finally at Valentine, Nebraska. On June 10, 1914, he married Elise Marie Grabe of Blair, Nebraska, and they had one son, Wesley M. Joseph Rothleutner passed away on May 18, 1948.

Stanley Rothleutner was born on September 12, 1889 near Deloit, Nebraska. At the age of two, he moved with his family to south of the Niobrara River. Later they moved to Kilgore where he grew up and spent his entire life in the business of ranching. In earlier years he did work in the general merchandise business which was a family enterprise. He specialized in the raising of registered and high grade Hereford cattle up until his death. He served on the local school board, and on boards of the American National Cattleman’s Association and the Forest Users Association. He was a member of the American Hereford Association, Sandhills Cattle Association, Nebraska Stockgrowers and South Dakota Stockgrowers. Stanley Rothleutner died on February 24, 1969.


This collection is arranged in three series: 1) Personal Correspondence; 2) Business Records; and 3) Miscellaneous.

Series 1 consists of personal correspondence between various family members and friends of the Rothleutner family dating from 1886 to 1950 as well as undated items. Issues discussed include local news and events, the weather, family health, etc.

Several livestock records from Berigan Bros. and many other companies can be found in Series 2. Other records including account books, livestock inspection forms, Stockard National Bank transfers, deeds pertaining to Indian land, and various other business transactions are also among the business records of the Rothleutner family.

Series 3 consists of assorted advertisements and brochures received by members of the Rothleutner family as well as biographical information about the Rothleutners.


Series 1 – Personal Correspondence

Box 1


  1. Correspondence, 1886-1910

  2. Correspondence, 1911-1914

  3. Correspondence, 1915-8; 1921

  4. Correspondence, 1921

  5. Correspondence, 1922; 1924

  6. Correspondence, 1925

  7. Correspondence, 1926

  8. Correspondence, 1927

  9. Correspondence, 1929-1930

  10. Correspondence, 1932

  11. Correspondence, 1932-1937

  12. Correspondence, 1938-1939

  13. Correspondence, 1941-1943

  14. Correspondence, 1944

  15. Correspondence, 1945-1946

  16. Correspondence, 1947-1950

  17. Stanley Rothleutner’s Correspondence, n.d.

  18. Stanley Rothleutner’s Correspondence, n.d.

  19. Seasonal, holiday, and event cards, n.d.

  20. Correspondence, n.d.

Series 2 – Business Records

  1. (Livestock) Account Sales, 1940-1948

  2. (Livestock) Account Sales, 1949-1956

  3. (Livestock) Account Sales, 1957-1966

Box 2


  1. Life insurance receipts; Livestock inspection forms

  2. Pedigrees; Gas and Oil rationing and leases; Market quotations

  3. Market quotations

  4. Agriculture articles; Jack King-Palomino Horses; Receipts

  5. Letters “A”

  6. Letters “C” “D”; contacts

  7. Exbulletins; Letters “I” “F” “G”; Homer R. letters

  8. Letters “H” “J” “L” “K”

  9. Paul Krajeski; Letters “M” “N”

  10. Letters “M” “N” “O” “P”; Stockard National Bank

  11. Letters “R” “S”

  12. Letter “V”; Invoice “C” “S”; Soil Convention 1940; Chas Lewis War Loan

  13. Berigan Bros. Letters

  14. Carnazzo Feeding Co.

Box 3


  1. Deed Noncompetent Indian Lands

  2. Indian Deed Inherited Lands

  3. Indian land forms to Stanley Rothleutner

  4. Financial records, Vol. 4, A-C

  5. Financial records, Vol. 4, D-Z

  6. Financial records, Vol. 5, A-Q

  7. Financial records, Vol. 5, R-V

  8. Financial records, Vol. 6, A-Q

  9. Financial records, Vol. 6, R-Z

  10. Financial records, Vol. 7, A-H

  11. Financial records, Vol. 7, I-Z

  12. Financial records, Vol. 8, A-J

  13. Financial records, Vol. 8, K-Z

  14. Financial records, Vol. 9, A-G

Box 4


  1. Financial records, Vol. 9, H-Z

  2. Financial records, miscellaneous

  3. Account Book

  4. Account Book

  5. Account Book

  6. Account Books

Box 5


  1. Account Books

  2. Account Books

  3. Kilgore Hotel record book

  4. W; Income Taxes

  5. Income Taxes; Demonstration Allotment Tour; Bill Sale

Series 3 – Miscellaneous

Box 6


  1. Mail Order Medical Assistance

  2. Advertisements

  3. Biographical articles about Rothleutner family


Subject headings:

Rothleutner, Frank, 1858?-1924

Rothleutner, Cornelia Ann (Davis), 1858-1940

Rothleutner, Joseph Augustus, 1888-1948

Rothleutner, Stanley Max, 1889-1969

Agriculture — Economic aspects

Agriculture — Farm management

Country life — Ranch life

Farmers — Ranchers

Livestock — cattle

Cherry County, Nebraska

Kilgore, Nebraska


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