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RG3919.AM:  Pioneers’ and Old Settlers’ Association of Dakota County (Dakota County, Neb.)

Records:  1882-1959

Dakota County, Neb.:  

Size:  0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box


The Dakota County Pioneers’ and Old Settlers’ Association was formed on September 23, 1882. Its objectives were “to promote friendly intercourse among its members, keep a record of events occurring in the early history of Dakota County, and to preserve for our children and those who follow us, the memories incident to the settlement of our prosperous state.” All those who settled in Dakota County prior to December 31, 1867, qualified for admission as “pioneers.” Those who had settled in the county prior to December 31, 1868 were admitted as “old settlers.” Admission qualifications were later amended to admit all persons who had lived in Dakota County for 15 years.


This collection consists of one box of records relating to the programs held and historical reminiscences gathered by the Dakota County Pioneers’ and Old Settlers’ Association. The collection contains a secretary’s book, correspondence, reports, programs and newspaper clippings, financial records, and other miscellaneous materials.

The secretary’s book provides an organizational history of the Dakota County Pioneers’ and Old Settlers’ Association for the years 1882 through 1900. Information on officers and committees of the Association is provided and anecdotes and speeches given at reunions are reprinted. Letters written from individuals invited to speak at the Association’s reunions are also reprinted, including one response from J. Sterling Morton.

The correspondence dating from 1896-1916, n.d. consists primarily of letters written in reply to invitations to speak before the Association during its annual reunion. Many of the letters, appearing as reprints in the secretary’s book, appear here in original form, as does the J. Sterling Morton letter. Also included are bids from various businesses interested in receiving contracts for the Association’s annual reunions and picnics.

The reports, 1886-1909, are comprised of membership lists and memorial reports. The programs relate to the Association’s annual meetings dating from 1889-1913. Some advertisements and promotions are also included, and newspaper clippings provide coverage of various meetings. Financial records dating from 1894-1912 contain primarily receipts for items purchased by the Association. Some booklets and sheets showing payment of dues by members of the Association are also included. The miscellaneous material deals with the national Irrigation Congress held in Sacrament, California in 1907.


Box 1


  1. Secretary’s book, 1882-1900

  2. Correspondence, 1896-1916, n.d.

  3. Reports, 1886-1909

  4. Programs, 1889-1913

  5. Newspaper clippings, 1911-1959

  6. Financial Records, 1894-1912

  7. Miscellaneous material



Dakota County (Neb.) — History

Pioneers’ and Old Settlers’ Association of Dakota County (Dakota County, Neb.)


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