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RG1622.AM:  Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company (Omaha, Nebraska)

Records:  1860-1885

Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska:  Fire fighting company

Size:  Eight volumes on one reel of microfilm


The Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company of Omaha was the first fire fighting company organized in the Territory.  It officially organized on May 2, 1860 and was chartered by an act of the Territorial Legislature on January 17, 1861.  Charter members included Benjamin Stickles, J. S. McCormick, Henry Gray, W. J. Kennedy, Henry Z. Curtis, M. H. Clark, P. W. Hitchcock and Andrew J. Simpson.  The first fire station was located at 210 South 12th St. and all the firefighters were strictly volunteers.  The first recognized Fire Chief was Andrew J. Simpson.  He served as Fire Chief from 1866-1868.  In 1867 the City of Omaha purchased better firefighting equipment and the first paid firefighters were recognized.

A second company, Fire King Engine Company No. 1, was established in 1866 and worked out of their own station on the corner of 16th and Farnam Streets.  By 1870 the city had established a third fire company and the name of Pioneer Hook and Ladder changed to Nebraska Engine Company No. 3.  The three companies consolidated in 1875 and became the Omaha Fire Department.


This collection consists of one reel of microfilm containing eight volumes of records relating to the Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company of Omaha, Nebraska.  The records include minutes of meetings, secretary books, personnel rolls and lists of fires, and a cash book.  The records date from 1860-1885.  The Nebraska State Historical Society does not hold the original volumes.


Reel 1 (#26,463)


    1. Minutes, April 19, 1860-August 6, 1867

    1. Minutes, September 6, 1870-September 6, 1881

    1. Minutes, October 4, 1881-October 13, 1885

    1. Cash Book, May 30, 1860-April 18, 1870

    1. Secretary Book (Personnel Fines and Dues Ledger), 1860-1861

    1. Secretary Book (Personnel Fines and Dues Ledger), 1868-1870

    1. Personnel Roll and List of Fires, 1875-1876

    1. Personnel Roll and List of Fires, 1876-1881


Subject headings:

Fire fighters — Nebraska — Omaha

Fire fighting — Nebraska — Omaha

Omaha Fire Department (Omaha, Nebraska)

Omaha (Nebraska) — History

Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company (Omaha, Nebraska)


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