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RG5456.AM:  Phil C. Weigand, 1937-2011

Papers:  1993-1999

Zamora, Jalisco, Mexico:  Anthropologist, archaeologist, author

Size:  0.75 cu.ft.; 1 box


Phil C. Weigand was born March 12, 1937, in Omaha, Nebraska.  He received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University in 1962.  In 1965 he earned a Master’s degree, followed by a 1970 doctorate in anthropology from Southern Illinois University.  He was associated with universities in Illinois, New York, and Arizona from 1967-1990.  During his later career he worked as an anthropologist/archaeologist connected with El Colegio de Michoacán, Zamora, Jalisco, Mexico.  He wrote and co-wrote 28 books, and monographs and 130 articles in Spanish, English, and Italian.  Dr. Phil C. Weigand died on September 3, 2011.


This collection is arranged in five series based on four unpublished novels written by Phil C. Weigand:  1) Claudia, 2) Autumn’s Fall, 3) Yosemite, 4) Home, and 5) Biographical data.  The novels explore the relationships of Willy Holtz, and Claudia and Jenny Nielson.  The setting of three of the novels is the area of Bloomfield/Crofton, Nebraska, during the 1940s to 1960s. “Yosemite” takes place in Arizona, Nevada, and California.  The topics of sexual abuse, incest, mental illness, alcoholism, love, friendship, death, and family are examined in these stories.

Originally Weigand wanted to write a historical ethnography of the Bloomfield/Crofton area.  After researching the project, he determined that the novel format was better for what he wanted to say.  His Curriculum Vitae, which is in Spanish, is in the Biographical data series, along with some miscellaneous information.  The novels are copies of the original manuscripts currently housed at the Luis Gonzalez Library of the Colegio de Michoacan, Zamora, Jalisco, Mexico.


Series 1 – Claudia (1993)

Box 1


  1. Claudia, part 1, pp. 1-120

  2. Claudia, part 2, pp. 121-245

  3. Claudia, part 3, pp. 246-368

Series 2 – Autumn’s Fall (1995)

  1. Autumn’s Fall, part 1, pp. 1-127

  2. Autumn’s Fall, part 2, pp. 128-263

  3. Autumn’s Fall, part 3, pp. 264-407

Series 3 – Yosemite (1998)

  1. Yosemite, part 1, pp. 1-97

  2. Yosemite, part 2, pp. 98-195

Series 4 – Home (1999)

  1. Home, part 1, pp. 1-102

  2. Home, part 2, pp. 103-205

Series 5 – Biographical data

  1. Curriculum vitae, etc.


Subject headings:

Authors — Nebraska

Great Plains — Fiction

Weigand, Phil C., 1937-2011


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