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RG5413.AM:  Patriot Manufacturing Company (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Records:  1921-1942

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Size:  1.5 cu.ft.; 3 boxes & oversize


A.G. Hebb formed the A.G. Hebb Auto Company in 1913 and it was incorporated in 1916. The business began by building delivery bodies for other trucks. In 1918 the company was incorporated as Hebb Motors Company. They began manufacturing Patriot trucks that year.

By 1920, the company was struggling, and it was reincorporated as Patriot Motors Company. Later, there was a claim that Patriot Motors failed to fully take over Hebb motors, and on November 17, 1920 three creditors filed a petition asked that they both be declared bankrupt. By 1921 no reorganization plan was forthcoming and plans were put in place to auction the factory, grounds, and equipment on June 23, 1921. William H. Ferguson won the plant for a bid of $110,000 and bought the 29 warehoused trucks for $5,000.00. According to the Lincoln Star, Ferguson was acting for a group of creditors who planned to reopen the plant. Ferguson became vice president and William E. Hardy, president. They began making trucks under the name Patriot Manufacturing.

In 1924 Woods Bros. (Mark and George Woods) acquired controlling interest in Patriot Motors and it was reorganized with new officers and directors. They kept the company name but changed the name of the truck to Woods, beginning with the model 1927. Bodies, however, were still made under the Patriot name until 1948.

By 1929, Patriot Manufacturing was a division of Arrow Aircraft and Motors Corporations (also owned by Woods). The last Woods truck made by Patriot Motors was made in late 1932. The company was renamed Patriot Body Company in 1941, and in 1943, they moved from Havelock to 10th and Vine. They made moving van bodies, livestock racks and refrigerated bodies for local dairies. A fire destroyed their building at 10th and Vine on January 24, 1948.


The collection consists of records of the Patriot Manufacturing Company of Lincoln, Nebraska.  Included in the collection are articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes of meetings, financial records and miscellaneous other legal documents and business records.  The materials date from 1921 to 1942.

Additional research materials were received in 2022.  The last two boxes contain copies of advertising and other information relating to the Patriot Manufacturing Company and its predecessors.  Curt McConnell compiled these research materials for his 1995 book, Great Cars of the Great Plains [Library 629.2 M129g].  These materials are currently unprocessed.

Note:  For related materials see the records of Arrow Aircraft and Motor Corporation [RG3009].


Box 1


  1. Articles of incorporation, bylaws, etc.

  2. Minutes of meetings, 1921-1939

  3. Financial records, 1923-1935 (see also oversize)

  4. Order book, 1938-1939

  5. Patriot Manufacturing/Arrow Aircraft legal and financial documents, 1939-1942


Addendum 2022:

Boxes 2-3

Research materials compiled by Curt McConnell (see also oversize)


Subject headings:

Arrow Aircraft and Motor Corporation (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Lincoln (Nebraska) — Businesses

Patriot Manufacturing Company (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Truck industry — Nebraska


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