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RG4102.AM:  Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (Omaha, Neb.)

Records:  1881-1940

Omaha, Douglas County, Neb.:  Lutheran Church

Size:  9 volumes on 1 reel of microfilm


From 1871 to 1875 the Rev. G.M. Erdhal, pastor of the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Synod, traveled as a home missionary near Omaha and conducted services in Omaha once every 5-6 weeks. He was succeeded in 1875 by Pastor P.T. Hilmen during whose ministry the Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation was organized on September 26, 1875. In August of 1881 it was reorganized as the Norwegian-Danish Evangelical Lutheran Congregation and incorporated under that name in 1886. A small chapel and a lot at 26th Street between Hamilton and Caldwell was purchased from the Episcopalians in 1899, and a new church was built. In 1921 yet another church was built on Lincoln Boulevard at 30th and Izard Streets. In the fall of 1918 the congregation changed to the use of the English language and adopted the new name of Our Savior’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.


These records of the Our Savior’s Lutheran Church of Omaha, Nebraska consists of nine volumes dating from 1881-1940 on one reel of microfilm. Included are the minutes of meetings of the congregation, 1881-1888 and 1918-1940, as well as the register of members, baptisms, confirmations and marriages, 1881-1918. There are also records of the Mission Society, 1925-1935, of the Ladies’ Aid Society, 1886-1918, and of the Young People’s Society, 1893-1894.

Note:  This reel was obtained from the Archives of the American Lutheran Church in Dubuque, Iowa, in June of 1982. It is not available for Interlibrary loan.


Reel 1


  1. Minutes of the Congregation, 1881-1888

    Ministerial Record, 1881-1918

  2. Minutes of the Congregation, 1918-1929

  3. Minutes of the Congregation, 1930-1940

  4. Minutes of the Mission Society, 1925-1935

  5. Minutes of the Ladies’ Aid Society, 1886-1897

  6. Minutes of the Ladies’ Aid Society, 1898-1908

  7. Minutes of the Ladies’ Aid Society, 1909-1915

  8. Minutes of the Ladies’ Aid Society, 1916-1918

  9. Minutes of the Young People’s Society, 1893-1894



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