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RG6224.AM:  Ora James Shaw, 1882-1981

Autobiographical manuscript

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska: Oil company executive

Size:  1 item; 144 pages


Born at Crab Orchard, Nebraska, on November 4, 1882, Ora James Shaw grew up on a farm near Vesta.  He attended Lincoln Academy and then the University of Nebraska, graduating in 1908.  Upon graduation, Shaw went to work managing a utility plant in Aurora, Nebraska.  After two years in Aurora, Shaw became head of the business department for the Lincoln Traction Company.  Shaw became general manager of the Lincoln Traction Company, and in 1922, he started several filling stations around Lincoln.

After several business mergers, Shaw went to work for the Lincoln Public Service Company in 1926.  After two years, Shaw quit and was offered a job with the Nebraska Gas Distributing Company by Charles P. Craft.  By this time, Shaw had incorporated his gasoline and oil business as the Lincoln Oil Company.  He continued to run the business until he sold it in 1960.

Ora James Shaw died in Lincoln, Nebraska, on January 16, 1981


This collection consists of one item, an autobiographical manuscript written by O.J. Shaw.  The manuscript describes his family coming to Nebraska, life growing up, education, his career with the Lincoln Traction Company and the Lincoln Oil Company.  He also describes various vacations, his wife and his children.


O.J. Shaw manuscript


Subject headings:

Businesses — Nebraska — Lincoln


Lincoln Oil Company (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln Traction Company (Lincoln, Neb.)

Public utilities — Nebraska

Shaw, Ora James, 1882-1981

Shaw family

University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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