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RG3433.AM:  Old Settlers’ Association of Cass and Adjoining Counties (Cass County, Neb.)

Records:  1895-1933

Cass County, Neb.:   Old Settlers’ Association

Size:  2 reels of microfilm


The Old Settlers’ Association of Cass and Adjoining Counties was formed in 1895. The organization’s goals were to “bring the people together, cultivate acquaintance, improve their social condition and refresh their memories with the events of the early settlement of the state of Nebraska…” Membership was comprised of persons residing in Nebraska for three years. Citizenship in Cass or an adjoining county was also required.


This collection consists of membership information about the Old Settlers’ Association of Cass and Adjoining Counties arranged in three series: 1) Clippings; 2) Membership Registers, 1895-1933; and 3) Index Cards. The clippings and membership registers are contained on one reel of microfilm. The clippings in Series 1 are obituaries for a few people from the Cass County area.

Series 2 consists of two membership registers. The first register is an alphabetical index of members, while the second register is more-or-less chronological. Both registers provide the same information including names of members, residence, year of birth, native state, year emigrated to Nebraska, year enrolled into the association, and sometimes date of death. Because of the alphabetical arrangement, the first register is easier to use. The Constitution and by-laws of the organization can be found on microfilm between the two membership registers.

Series 3 consists of a card index containing names of old settlers which was found in the Nebraska State Historical Society’s Library Card Catalog in October of 1985. There are no entries in the index for surnames beginning with the letters I, X, or Z.

Note:  Series 1 and 2 were microfilmed by the Historical Society in February of 1976. Series 3 was microfilmed in May of 1991.


Reel 1

Series 1 – Clippings

Series 2 – Membership Registers, 1895-1933

Reel 2

Series 3 – Card Index to Old Settlers, A-Z



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Old Settlers’ Association of Cass and Adjoining Counties (Cass County, Neb.)


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