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RG1277.AM:  Occidental Building and Loan Association, Omaha, Nebraska 

Records: 1900-1985; mostly 1900-1909

Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska

Size:  One folder


This collection consists of one folder containing several items relating to the Occidental Building and Loan Association in Omaha, Nebraska.  Included are two loan certificate pass books.  The first pass book, owned by George C. Gillan, dates from 1900 to 1909.  The second pass book, owned by Albert C. Hiser, dates from 1902 to 1906.  The monthly payments listed in the pass books were collected by George B. Darr and S.C. Mullen on behalf of the Occidental Building and Loan Association.

Two letters from the Association are included in the collection.  The first letter, dated June 9, 1904, is to Albert C. Hiser, Lexington, Nebraska, regarding reconciliation of his pass book with the Associations internal records.  The second letter, dated January 21, 1907, is to Cora E. Bancroft (sister of Albert C. Hiser), Lexington, Nebraska, regarding the Hiser loan.  Both letters are signed by George F. Gilmore, secretary of the Occidental Building and Loan Association.  Also included in the collection is a letter from the Dawson County Historical Society containing biographical information about George B. Darr and George C. Gillan, and an obituary for Cora (Hiser) Bancroft.



  1. Loan certificate pass book, George C. Gillan, 1900-1909

  2. Loan certificate pass book, Albert C. Hiser, 1902-1906

  3. Letter to Albert C. Hiser, June 9, 1904

  4. Letter to Cora E. Bancroft, January 21, 1907

  5. Letter from the Dawson County Historical Society, November 9, 1985

  6. Obituary for Cora (Hiser) Bancroft, July 11, 1946


Subject headings:

Bancroft, Cora E. (Hiser), 1876-1946

Banks and banking — Nebraska

Darr, George B., 1857-1922

Gillan, George C., 1852-1931

Gilmore, George Francis, 1863-1917

Hiser, Albert C., 1873-

Occidental Building and Loan Association (Omaha, Nebraska)

Omaha (Nebraska) — Businesses


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