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RG2988.AM:  Nellie Throop Magee, 1874-1964

Papers:  1865-1936, n.d.

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  

Size:  2 volumes on 1 reel microfilm; and 1 folder


This collection consists of two microfilmed volumes of pioneer stories of Nebraska, compiled by Mrs. Magee, along with one unfilmed folder of histories of various churches in Lincoln, Nebraska and the surrounding area. The stories were taken from the reminiscences of various people, and relate to life and social customs among the first settlers in Nebraska. The collection is arranged in three Series: 1) Vol. 1, Pioneer stories of Nebraska, 1866-1931; 2) Vol. 2, stories of the early days of Valparaiso and vicinity, 1865-1936; and 3) Church Histories. The volumes were loaned to NSHS for microfilming in June of 1965 through the courtesy of the Nebraska Wesleyan University Library. The original volumes are not in the NSHS collections; only the microfilm copies are available. The unfilmed folder was donated in 2003.

Note:  See the NSHS Library Catalog and the Nebraska History index for references to published materials by/about Nellie Magee.


Series 1 – Pioneer Stories of Nebraska, 1865-1931

Reel 1


  1. Pioneer stories of Nebraska, 1865-1931

Series 2 – Stories of the Early Days of Valparaiso and Vicinity, 1866-1936

  1. Stories of the early days of Valparaiso and vicinity, 1866-1936

Series 3 – Church Histories


  1. Histories of various churches in and around Lincoln, Nebraska



Baptist Church in Nebraska

Bethany Christian Church (Lincoln, Neb.)

Catholic Church in Nebraska

Churches — Nebraska — Lancaster County

Churches — Nebraska — Lincoln

Congregational Church in Nebraska

Disciples of Christ in Nebraska

Episcopal Church in Nebraska

First German Evangalical Congregational Church (Lincoln, Neb.)

First Plymouth Church (Lincoln, Neb.)

First Presbyterian Church (Lincoln, Neb.)

Friedens Lutheran Church (Lincoln, Neb.)

Frontier and pioneer life — Nebraska

Grace Lutheran Church (Lincoln, Neb.)

Holland Reformed Church (Hickman, Neb.)

Magee, Nellie Throop, 1874-1964

Saunders County (Neb.) — History

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church (Lincoln, Neb.)

Valparaiso (Neb.) — History


REB/cs   06-03-1965

Revised KFK   06-25-1996 and 10-27-2003

Encoded TMM   06-16-2010