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RG3988.AM:  Nebraska Stock Yards Company (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Records:  1885-1894

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska:  Livestock Business

Size:  0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box


On February 28, 1884, the Articles of Incorporation of the Nebraska Stock Yards Company of Lincoln, Limited were filed.  The articles stated that this business was created for “the purchase and sale, the feeding and caring for, slaughtering, dressing, packing, and holding for sale, selling, and selling for others livestock, including cattle, hogs, sheep, horses, and mules…”  The company was allowed to ship livestock in refrigerated cars and permission was given enabling the company to construct railroads to be operated for its business.

An incomplete quit claim deed within this collection (series 2, folder 4) shows that the Nebraska Stock Yards Company sold a great deal of property to the Lincoln Packing Company of Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1894.  The Nebraska Stock Yards Company appeared in the Lincoln City Directory through 1893.  Since it is not listed in the 1894 directory, and since it is likely that the land sale to the Lincoln Land Company liquidated its real estate holdings, it can be assumed that the Nebraska Stock Yards Company went out of business during that year.


This collection consists of one box of manuscript material arranged in four series:  1) Annual Report, undated; 2) Legal Agreements and Contracts, 1885-1894; 3) Proxy Statements, 1880-1891; and 4) Miscellany, 1887-1894.  Note:  Additional materials were added Jan. 10, 2014.

This material relates primarily to the stockholders and business of the Nebraska Stock Yards Company of Lincoln, Nebraska.  Legal agreements within this collection also show land deals made by the company.  The Annual Report, undated, of Series 1 provides a listing of stockholders and number of shares each stockholder owns.  This is an alphabetical listing which also shows stockholders designated and “proxies” for absentees.

Series 2 consists of Legal Agreements and Contracts, 1885-1894.  Types of documents included are mortgage deeds, lists of mortgageors, mortgage quit claim deeds, sheriff’s deed, and protests of non-payment of funds.  The contracts of this series show agreements of service to be carried out by companies dealing with the Nebraska Stock Yards Company.  The Proxy Statements, 1890-1891, of Series 3 show stockholders’ names with their appointed substitute designated.  These are arranged alphabetically by the name of the stockholder.

Series 4 contains Miscellany, 1887-1894, which includes plat maps of land owned by the Nebraska Stock Yards Company, accounting notes, customer’s notes, cancelled checks, financial sheets and computations, and correspondence.

Collection retrieved from the old Raymond Brothers Clark Company warehouse around 1972.


Series 1 – Annual Report, undated

Box 1


    1. Annual Report listing stockholders, number of shares owned by each, and designated proxies, undated

Series 2 – Legal Agreements and Contracts, 1885-1894

    1. Mortgage Deeds, 1886-1888; Lists of Mortgagors

    1. Mortgage Payment Notes, 1885-1889

    1. Releases of Mortgage, 1889-1892; Leases, 1888-1891; Security Bond, 1889

    1. Warranty Dees, 1889-1891; Quit Claim Deeds, 1889-1894; Sheriff’s Deed, 1893; Protests of Non-Payment of Funds, 1891

    1. Contracts                                                   

Series 3 – Proxy Statements, 1890-1891

    1. November 1890 (alphabetically arranged by name of stockholder)

    1. March 1891 (alphabetically arranged by name of stockholder)

Series 4 – Miscellany, 1887-1894

    1. Plat Maps of Land Owned by the Nebraska Stock Yards Company

    1. Account Book of Charles A. Hanna (Trustee), 1892; Customers’ Notes, 1889-1894; Cancelled Checks, 1889-1894

    1. Financial Sheets and Computations

    1. Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1887-1889

Materials added Jan. 10, 2014:

    1. Articles of incorporation and by-laws, 1884

    1. Board of Directors list, no date

    1. Correspondence, Board of Directors, 1886, May-Aug.

    1. Correspondence, Board of Directors, 1887, Aug.

    1. Correspondence, Board of Directors, 1889, Nov.

    1. Correspondence, Board of Directors, 1890, Nov.

    1. Correspondence, Board of Directors, 1891, May-Nov.

    1. Substitute/Proxy Vote meeting, 1891, Nov.

    1. Board of Directors, minutes of meetings, 1884-1891


Subject headings:

Cattle industry and trade — Nebraska — Lancaster County

Fitzgerald, John, 1829-1894

Hanna, Charles Augustus, ?-1950

Lancaster County (Nebraska) — Businesses

Lincoln (Nebraska) — Businesses

Lincoln (Nebraska) — Livestock trade

Livestock trade — Lincoln (Nebraska)

Nebraska Stock Yards Company (Lincoln, Nebraska)


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