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RG3577.AM:  Nebraska State Education Association

Records: 1885-1995


Size:  9.5 cu.ft.; 10 boxes


The Nebraska State Teachers’ Association was organized in 1867.  On October 17 of that year, the first session of the Association was held in Brownville.  Robert W. Furnas became the first President of the organization.  The name was later changed to Nebraska State Education Association.  Over the years, the group has held annual conventions and published a journal.


This collection is arranged in five series:  1) Minutes and General Record Books, 1887-1938; 2) Registers, 192[3?]-1926; 3) Records of the South East Nebraska Teachers’ Association, 1885-1921; 4) Research Bulletins, and 5) Miscellany.  Boxes 3-10 were added in 2011 and have not been processed into the established series.  See below for a basic box listing.

The material relates to the activities of the Nebraska State Teachers’ Association, and to the activities of the South East Nebraska Teachers’ Association.  The bulk of the collection is comprised of record volumes containing minutes, reports, etc. of various working committees and sections of the organization.  Many of the volumes contain loose or tipped in items, and some are becoming fragile.  Patrons are requested to handle the items with extra care.


Series 1 – Minutes and general record books, 1887-1938

Box 1


  1. 1890-1902, Education Council, [with supplemental folder of papers found loose at the end of the volume]

    a. 1887-1901, Annual Meetings

  2. 1902-1910, Annual Meetings [Minutes, motions, reports, etc.]        

  3. 1898-1925, College Section [Minutes, etc.]

  4. 1911-1925, General Sessions and Record of Sectional Programs

  5. 1911-1918, Executive Committee [Minutes, etc.]

  6. 1919-1925, Executive Committee [Minutes, etc.]

Box 2


  1. 1921-1938, District I Record Book [Minutes, reports, constitution & bylaws, etc.]

Series 2 – Registers, 192[3?]-1926

  1. 192[3?]

  2. 1924

  3. 1926 [Delegates, District I-IV]

Series 3 – Records of the Southeast Nebraska Teachers’ Association, 1885-1921

  1. 1885-1906, Secretary’s book

  2. 1909-1921, Secretary’s book

Series 4 – Research Bulletins

  1. “Vitalizing the Teaching of the State and Federal Constitutions,” 1928

    “Education and Legislation,” n.d.

Series 5 – Miscellany

  1. Report on salaries, 1951-1952

    Plans for Progress, c.1956

    Official program, Grand Island, 1927

    “An Exhibit of School Life Interests,” Oct. 24-28, 1940

Addendum 2011

Box 3

Executive Committee minutes (bound), 1911-1945

Box 4

Executive Committee minutes (bound), 1946-1957

Box 5

Executive Committee/Board of Directors minutes (bound), 1958-1968

Box 6

Board of Directors minutes (bound), 1969-1974

Delegate Assembly Proceedings (bound), 1924-1931

Box 7

Delegate Assembly Proceedings (bound), 1932-1950

Box 8

Delegate Assembly Proceedings (bound), 1951-1963

Delegate Assembly Proceedings, (loose), 1956-1969

Box 9

Delegate Assembly Proceedings, (loose), 1970-1995 (some gaps)

Delegate Assembly manual/directories (bound), 1914-1942

Delegate Assembly manual/directories, 1944-1989 (gaps)

Box 10

Programs, District 1, 1923-1942 (bound)

Programs, District 2, 1922-1942 (bound)

Programs, District 3, 1915-1942 (bound)

Programs, District 4, 1923-1942 (bound)

Programs, District 5, 1922-1942 (bound)

Programs, District 6, 1923-1942 (bound)

Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, constitution, 1960-1993 (gaps)

Official documents of N.S.E.A.

Leadership Conference reports, 1952-1966 (gaps)

NSEA Policies and Procedures Handbook

Board policies and procedures, 1968-1979

Correspondence re. 1974 NCSEA Evaluation of NSEA, July, 1974

NCSEA Evaluation Report, July, 1974


Subject headings:

Education — Nebraska

Education — Societies, etc.

Nebraska State Education Association

Nebraska State Teachers Association

Teachers — Nebraska


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