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RG5082.AM:  Nebraska Hemlock Society

Records:  1993-2000

Statewide Right-to-Die Organization based in Lincoln, Nebraska

Size:  3.0 cu.ft.; 6 boxes


The Nebraska Hemlock Society was formed in 1993 as a chapter of the National Hemlock Society.  The primary goals of the Nebraska Hemlock Society were to collect and disperse information about assisted suicide and to lobby for legislation in favor of assisted suicide and the right to die.  In 2003 the National Hemlock Society split into two distinct organizations, “Compassion and Choices,” which focuses on legislative changes, and “Final Exit Network,” which offers services and education in every state.


The Nebraska Hemlock Society collection includes records pertaining to the activities of the organization, related subject files and local and national legislation.  The collection is organized into four series: 1) Organizational records; 2) Subject files; 3) Legislation; and 4) Related organizations.  The records were gathered by Carl Schmitthausler of Lincoln, Nebraska, a charter member, founder, and supporter of the Nebraska Hemlock Society. 

Organizational documents consist of materials documenting the formation, general business, membership, and financial records of the organization.  Much of the material pertaining to related subjects of the mission of the Nebraska Hemlock Society are published materials and news articles.  The legislation materials consist of proposed legislation in various forms, suggestions for testimonials, correspondence to and from members of state and national congresses and local and national news articles.


Series 1 – Organizational records

Box 1


  1. Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation

  2. Agendas and minutes, 1992-2000

  3. Election Announcements and Ballots

  4. Membership Lists

  5. Membership Applications

  6. Membership Questionnaires and Polls

  7. Calls to Meetings and Responses

  8. Phone Lists and Phone scripts

  9. Publicity

  10. Publicity

Box 2


  1. Publicity: Newsletters

  2. General correspondence

  3. Membership correspondence

  4. Financial records

  5. Miscellaneous

Series 2 – Subject files

  1. Right to Die

  2. Right to Die

Box 3


  1. Euthanasia, reports and studies

  2. Euthanasia, news and journal articles

  3. Polls and surveys

  4. Reverend Schmitthausler

  5. Herbert Barnard

  6. ACLU

  7. Dr. Kevorkian

  8. AARP

Box 4


  1. Medical associations

  2. Nebraska Department of Aging

  3. Lewis Memorial Fund

  4. Conferences

  5. Hemlock Nebraska internship

  6. Lincoln Bar Association

  7. Physicians

  8. Advance directives

  9. Patient advocacy program

  10. Funeral documents

Box 5


  1. Healthcare

  2. Hospice

  3. Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney

Series 3 – Legislation

  1. Nebraska Legislation

  2. Nebraska Legislation

  3. National Legislation

  4. Legislation news articles

Series 4 – Related organizations

Box 6


  1. Hemlock USA, records

  2. Hemlock USA, newsletters

  3. Hemlock USA, newsletters

  4. Hemlock USA, newsletters

  5. Hemlock chapters, records

  6. Miscellaneous organizations

  7. Miscellaneous organizations


Subject headings:

Assisted suicide — Nebraska

Barnard, Herbert P.

Euthanasia — Nebraska

Nebraska Hemlock Society

Right to die — Nebraska

Schmitthausler, Carl, 1924-2005


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