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RG4164.AM:  Nebraska Environmental Coalition

Records:  ca. 1969-1984

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Size:  1.5 cu.ft.; 3 boxes


The Nebraska Environmental Coalition (NEC) was an umbrella organization which coordinated the activities of environmental groups in Nebraska.  The group consisted of a board of delegates elected from various environmental groups across Nebraska.  Within this group, the delegates decided important environmental causes the coalition was going to pursue.  During 1977, the number of members attending meetings started to fall.  A letter was sent out by the Chairman of the NEC requesting members’ feelings about disbanding.  The majority of the members wanted to disband.  They said that the coalition had done all that it could and interest was waning.

There were a number of issues that were of concern to the NEC during this period and beyond.  The bottle bill which failed was one of these concerns.  One other major concern was water; under this large heading was water quality and river quality.  The NEC relied heavily on the environmental organizations across Nebraska to keep the coalition going.  When this support was lost, the organization could no longer function.


The materials in this collection relate to the Nebraska Environmental Coalition and its interests.  This collection of the records of the Nebraska Environmental Coalition is arranged in four series:  1) Administrative Records, 1972-1977; 2) Issues of Concern to the NEC, ca. 1969-1977; 3) Organizations of Concern to the NEC, 1983-1984; and 4) Miscellaneous Pamphlets & Announcements, 1972-1979.

The administrative records in Series 1 deal with the activities of the NEC.  Meetings, held sporadically throughout the time period from 1972-1977, play a large role in the series.  Also, the newsletter contains a lot of information about the concerns of the NEC.  Series 2 contains some of these concerns in more detail.  Included in this are newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and announcements.  Series 3 contains information on some of the organizations that contributed to the NEC and/or were important to the NEC.  Most of this series is made up of past newsletters.  Series 4 contains other pamphlets and announcements that do not pertain to any of the other issues and organizations that were involved in the Nebraska Environmental Coalition.

Acc# 1983.109


Series 1 – Administrative Records, 1972-1977

Box 1


  1. Minutes of NEC meetings, Dec. 9, 1972-Jan. 15, 1978

  2. Auditors reports and treasurers budget 1973-1976

  3. NEC Newsletters, Jan-May 1973; Dec. 1975; April 1976; Oct. 1976

  4. NEC bylaws, purpose and membership information 1972-1976

  5. NEC Questionnaire and Results, 1975

  6. Correspondence to and from president and director of NEC, 1973-1977

  7. Correspondence from NEC to delegates, members and friends, 1972-1977

  8. Questionnaire about the future of the NEC and the responses, 1977

Series 2 – Issues of Concern to the NEC, ca. 1969-1977

  1. List of legislative bills, 1977

  2. Presidential campaign, 1976-Carter

  3. Bottle Bill, 1974-1979

  4. Agricultural Issues

  5. Nebraska family farm bills, 1969-1974

  6. Environmental concerns, wildlife, Gray Rocks Dam, 1973-1978

  7. Rivers, Loup; Niobrara; Platte

  8. Water quality

  9. Other water concerns, ground water; irrigation; flood control; safe drinking

Series 3 – Organizations of Concern to NEC, 1973-1984

Box 2


  1. Nebraska Wildlife Federation, correspondence; newsletters, pamphlets; Jan. 1975-Aug. 1979

  2. Blue Stem Sierra Club and Citizens to Preserve Wilderness Park, newsletters, announcements, April 1975-Dec. 1976

  3. Center for Rural Affairs, Newsletter 1973-1980

  4. Center for Rural Affairs, calendar, 1978 correspondence, annual report

  5. Audubon Naturalists Club, newsletter 1973-1979

  6. Wachiska Audubon Society, newsletter

Box 3


  1. Soil Water Task Force, 1976

  2. Zero Population Growth, Newsletters, 1973-1974

  3. Eckankar, Blue River News, 1982-1984

Series 4 – Miscellaneous Pamphlets & Announcements, 1972-1978

  1. Energy, Sun Day; Energy Alternatives, nuclear power, 1975-1979

  2. Environmental Issues, 1972-1979

  3. Activities in Communities, urban and rural, ca. 1973

  4. Travel Industry, 1975-1976


Subject headings:

Audubon Society

Center for Rural Affairs

Ecology — Nebraska

Farming — Nebraska

Legislation — Nebraska

Loup River

Nebraska Environmental Coalition

Nebraska Wildlife Federation

Niobrara River

Platte River


Sierra Club. Bluestem Chapter

Soil conservation

Soil Conservation Task Force

Water resources

Zero population growth


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