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RG1771.AM:  Nebraska Central Building and Loan Association (Lincoln, Neb.)

Records:  1893-1913, 1949-1980

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Savings and Loan

Size:  11 items


Organized in 1893, the Nebraska Central Building and Loan Association was granted the first building and loan charter in Lincoln by the State Department of Banking. Official articles of incorporation were filed with the state in 1913 (see Secretary of State’s Articles of Incorporation, Volume 21, page 516).

During the first twelve years of its existence, the Association did not have a permanent office. In 1905, its office was built at 1409 ‘O’ Street. Starting with assets of $20,000 in 1893, the Nebraska Central Building and Loan boasted assets of more than $6,000,000 in 1923. By then, it was loaning more than $1,000,000 annually.

Long advertised as “not the largest, but the first and the strongest,” the Nebraska Central Building and Loan Association merged with the Nebraska State Savings and Loan of Fremont. Since then, the two companies have been known as Nebraska Savings and Loan.


This collection consists of eleven items of manuscript material arranged in six series: 1) Legal Papers, 1893-1913; 2) Stock Records, 1893-1899; 3) Ledger, 1893-1903; 4) Architectural Drawing, ca. 1905; 5) Prospectus, undated; and 6) Addendum. This material relates to the history and business operations of the Nebraska Central Building and Loan Association of Lincoln, Nebraska.

The legal papers of Series 1 consist of a Certificate of Approval for the Association, signed by the Nebraska State Department of Banking, May 1, 1893; and an Articles of Incorporation Certificate, April 10, 1913.

The stock records of Series 2 include two volumes of Stock Registers. These show name of shareholder, certificate number, and number of shares held. Volume 1, 1893-1899, also includes dates of purchase, and monthly installment payment. The entries in Volume 2 are undated. Also included in this series are two stockholder’s certificates, 1896 and 1900. See also Series 6.

The ledger of Series 3 covers the period May 1, 1893-1903. It provides a daily account of money expended and received.

The architectural drawing of Series 4 was probably done in 1905 when the Association’s building was constructed. The drawing shows front and rear elevations as planned by Fiske and Dieman, Architects.

Series 5 consists of an undated prospectus (ca. 1917?).

Series 6 contains two volumes added to the collection in 2013. The first volume, a stock register, contains information on stock shares sold to various individuals dating from 1960-1980. The second volume, a loan register, records information on various loans including names and addresses of mortgagors, descriptions of mortgaged property, loan amount, amount paid, etc. The loan register covers loans dating from 1949-1952.

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Series 1 – Legal papers, 1893-1913


  1. Certificate of Approval, May 1, 1893

  2. Articles of Incorporation Certificate, April 10, 1913

Series 2 – Stock records

  1. Stock Register, 1893-1899

  2. Stock Register, Undated

  3. Stockholder’s Certificate, 1896

  4. Stockholder’s Certificate, 1900

Series 3 – Ledger, 1893-1913

  1. Ledger (volume), 1893, May 1 – 1903

Series 4 – Architectural drawing, ca. 1905

  1. Architectural drawing – front and rear elevations, ca. 1905

Series 5 – Prospectus, undated (ca. 1917?)

  1. Prospectus, undated (ca. 1917?)

Series 6 – Addendum

  1. Stock register, 1960-1980

  2. Loan register, 1949-1952



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Nebraska Central Building and Loan Association (Lincoln, Neb.)


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