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RG1119.AM:  Native Sons and Daughters of Nebraska

Records:  1924-1971, n.d.

Nebraska:  Organization pledged to the advancement of Nebraska

Size:  1.0 cu.ft.; 2 boxes


Originally, the first all-state gathering of native Nebraskans occurred in 1892 when an organization called the Sons and Daughters of Nebraska was established. With the Territorial Pioneers of Nebraska, the Native Sons and Daughters hoped to preserve the history of the first families that came to Nebraska. However, the 1892 meeting of the Sons and Daughters was apparently the first and last meeting of this original group. The Territorial Pioneers continued to meet, primarily at old settlers’ picnics during the early 1900s. After World War I, the Territorial Pioneers’ organization had ceased to function, as the pioneer generation had disappeared.

An organization of native Nebraskans was revived in 1924, when at the Nebraska State Historical Society annual meeting held on January 16, 1924, the Native Sons and Daughters of Nebraska was formed. The group was pledged to advancing the best interests of the state; promoting the ideals of human life; honoring and preserving all that is best in Nebraska history and tradition; and furthering the Nebraska spirit within the state. Accordingly, the organization sponsored an annual historical essay contest (see box 2, folder 6) and cooperated with the Oregon Trail Commission in marking the route of the Pony Express across Nebraska. The group was also closely associated with the Nebraska State Historical Society and for several years its annual meeting was held in connection with those of the Historical Society. After fifty years in existence, the Native Sons and Daughters of Nebraska continued to sponsor projects to advance the best interests of Nebraska.

For more information about this organization and its predecessor, the Sons and Daughters of Nebraska, see Nebraska History, vol. 25, pp. 271-278.


This collection consists of two boxes of records dating from 1925-1971 and relating to the history, activities and internal organization of the Native Sons and Daughters of Nebraska. Included in the collection are organizational records such as the constitution and bylaws, minutes of meetings, correspondence, financial records, and meeting programs. The collection also includes membership enrollment cards, membership lists, press releases and newspaper clippings, etc.

The bulk of the collection, minutes of meetings and correspondence, provides information on resolutions, officers, committees, membership projects, annual meeting plans, and speakers and their topics. The membership materials in the collection provide biographical and genealogical information about members and potential members including family history, education, occupation, and organizational memberships. Some of the officers and prominent members represented in the collection include Horace Davis, Margaret Sheldon, Addison E. Sheldon, Louise Mears, Norma Kidd Green, Edward F. Carter, Robert L. Cochran, Samuel R. McKelvie and Arthur J. Weaver.


Box 1


  1. Constitution and By-Laws, 1925, 1928, 1930, 1940

  2. Minutes of Annual Meetings (bound), 1924-1941

  3. Minutes of Annual Meetings (loose), 1924-1970 (incomplete)

  4. Minutes of Board/Executive Committee meetings, 1935-1947, n.d.

  5. Treasurer’s reports and financial documents, 1925-1948, n.d.

  6. Correspondence, 1925-1936

  7. Correspondence, 1940-1949

  8. Correspondence, 1969-1970, n.d.

  9. Annual Meeting programs, 1925-1971 (incomplete)

Box 2


  1. Territorial Natives, lists, nominations, etc.

  2. Membership enrollment cards, A-L

  3. Membership enrollment cards, L-Z

  4. Membership lists

  5. Membership biographical sheets

  6. Literary Contest information

  7. Project questionnaires for members, 1947

  8. Reservations and menus for banquets

  9. History of the Native Sons and Daughters of Nebraska

  10. Press releases and newspaper clippings

  11. Miscellaneous pamphlets, brochures, etc.

  12. Miscellaneous information from other states


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Native Sons and Daughters of Nebraska

Nebraska — Societies, clubs, etc.

Patriotic societies — Nebraska

Sons and Daughters of Nebraska


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