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RG3585.AM:  Nathan Jules Gold, 1894-1970

Papers:  1906-1985

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Businessman

Size:  3 boxes; 1.5 cu.ft.


Nathan Jules Gold was born on May 28, 1894, in Hampton, Iowa, the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Gold. He moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in 1902 with his parents and lived there for the rest of his life. After graduation from Lincoln High School, he attended Lincoln Business School and the University of Nebraska. In 1913 he joined his father in the family business, the Gold and Company Department Store, which had been founded by William Gold in 1902. During World War I, Nathan served overseas as a lieutenant in the Army. He married Evelyn Baum in 1922, with whom he would have two children, William Gold II and Louise Gold Levitt. In 1936 he became president of Gold and Company, and ran the business through years of expansion. In 1964 the store merged with J.L. Brandeis and Sons of Omaha.

Gold’s career was marked by service to the community and dedication to the world of business. He was a frequent speaker, and was often recognized and honored for his achievements. In 1946 the University of Nebraska awarded Gold their Distinguished Service Award, and he received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Nebraska Wesleyan in 1959, to name only a couple of his honors. He was a member of many organizations, including the National Retail Merchants Association, the Nebraska Resources Foundation, and the Salt Valley Watershed. He served on the board of the Nebraska State Historical Society for a time as special council to the Nebraska Economic Development Division. Gold was also a member of South Street Temple. He died February 23, 1970, in Sarasota, Florida.


This collection of the family and business papers of Nathan Gold is arranged in five series: 1) Correspondence, 1911-1985; 2) Speeches, ca. 1959-1969; 3) Press Releases, Clippings & Articles, ca. 1906-1968; 4) Gold and Company Materials (Transferred to RG2018.AM); and 5) Gold Family Miscellany. The materials in this collection relate to the life of Nathan Gold and members of his family, to the Gold and Company business, and to the company building.

Series 1 (Correspondence, 1911-1985) includes letterpress books compiled of Nathan Gold’s correspondence to his parents, during a trip to Europe, 1911, and during his World War I military service, 1917-1919. Other correspondence includes letters relating to the Gold Medal Awards, a scholarship fund established by the Golds. Series 2 (Speeches, ca. 1959-1969) contains drafts and notes of speeches given by Nathan Gold. They are arranged by general topic, most of them dealing with business and retailing or another of Gold’s activities.

The press releases, clippings and articles, ca. 1906-1968, of Series 3 include material relating to Gold and Company, Nathan Gold, and other members of the Gold Family. Some newspaper advertisements for the store are also included. Series 4 consists of Gold and Company materials, ca. 1902-1965. Included is an early company ledger, 1902-1903; newsletters and other advertising and employee publications, and blueprints of the Gold and Company Building. (All of Series 4 was transferred to RG2018.AM: Gold and Company.) Series 5 consists of Gold Family miscellany such as scrapbooks belonging to Nathan Gold, biographical notes, pencil sketches of family members, awards, certificates and resolutions.

Note:  See the photo component [RG3585.PH] for related photos and the moving image component [RG3585.MI] for moving images. See RG2018 for materials relating to Gold and Company. See the NSHS Library Catalog and the Nebraska History index for published materials relating to Nathan Gold, the Gold Family, and Gold and Company.


Series 1 – Correspondence, 1911-1985

Box 1


  1. Letterpress book – European trip, 1911

  2. Letterpress book – World War I service, 1917-1919

  3. Miscellaneous correspondence regarding military service, ca. 1918

  4. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1938, 1963-1969

  5. Miscellaneous correspondence regarding Gold Medal Awards, 1964-1965 and 1985

Series 2 – Speeches, ca. 1959-1969

Box 2


  1. Speeches regarding business/retailing

  2. Speeches regarding business/retailing

  3. Speeches regarding business/retailing

  4. Speeches regarding business/retailing

  5. Speeches regarding Nebraska Resources Commission, economics, water use, energy

  6. Speeches regarding Lincoln Foundation

  7. Speeches regarding Politics

  8. Speeches – General

Series 3 – Press Releases, Clippings & Articles, ca. 1906-1968

Box 3


  1. Press Releases, 1959 and 1964

  2. Clippings, ca. 1906-1968

  3. Clippings, ca. 1906-1968

  4. Gold & Co. clippings (transferred to RG2018)

  5. Publications, 1946, 1960 and 1965

Series 4 – Gold and Company Materials (Transferred to RG2018.AM)

Series 5 – Gold Family Miscellany

  1. Nathan Gold biographical notes

  2. Nathan and Evelyn Gold awards, certificates, resolutions, ca. 1938-1980

  3. Nathan and Evelyn Gold awards, certificates, resolutions, ca. 1938-1980

  4. Gold Family sketches

  5. Nathan Gold Scrapbooks (see OB003)

  6. Nathan Gold Scrapbooks (see OB003)



Architecture — Designs and plans

Gold and Company (Lincoln, Neb.)

Gold family

Gold, Evelyn Putzel (Baum), 1900-1985

Gold, Nathan Jules, 1894-1970

Lincoln Foundation, Inc. (Lincoln, Neb.)

Lincoln (Neb.) — Businesses

Lincoln (Neb.) — History

National Retail Merchants Association

Nebraska Resources Foundation

Nebraska State Historical Society

Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation

Salt-Wahoo Watershed District

University of Nebraska Foundation

World War, 1914-1918


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