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RG4144.AM:  Myron G.A. Rumery, 1905-1982

Legislative files:  1975-1982

North Platte, Lincoln County, Neb.:  State Senator (42nd District)

Size:  1.0 cu.ft.


Myron G.A. Rumery was born in Julesburg, Colorado, on July 29, 1905. His family moved to a farm near Mason City, Nebraska, the following year. After graduating from Mason City High School and attending Grand Island College, Rumery received his degree in 1932 from the University of Nebraska, College of Agriculture.

Rumery worked in a variety of jobs, including construction, on the railroad, farming, and as a teacher or principal at schools in Mason City, Newman Grove, Ravenna, North Platte, and Lincoln, Nebraska. He established the vocational agriculture department at North Platte High School in 1939 and was instrumental in starting a similar program at Lincoln Northeast High School.

Myron Rumery worked at the University of Nebraska, North Platte Station for thirty years, engaging in livestock, dairy, and crop production research. He acted as superintendent of the Station at three different times.

After retiring from his research and teaching careers, Rumery ran for the Nebraska Legislature and was elected on November 5, 1974. He was the oldest of the freshmen senators in 1975. Rumery was reelected to the Legislature in 1978, but declined to run again in 1982. During his legislative career, Rumery was vice-chairman of the Appropriations Committee, and served on committees of agriculture, education, and labor.

Myron Rumery died on November 14, 1982. He was survived by his wife and two children.


This collection consists of one box of manuscript material arranged in two series: 1) Legislative Bills, 1975-1982; and 2) Miscellany, 1979. This collection relates to bills sponsored or supported by Senator Myron G.A. Rumery. The material in Series 1 is arranged in files by year and legislative bill number. The files contain the legislative bills in various forms, statements of intent and purpose, supplementary data, notes, clippings, reports, and correspondence relating to the issue. One folder of materials designated as Miscellany, Series 2, contains notes on talks given by Senator Rumery in 1979.


Series 1 – Legislative Bills, 1975-1982

Box 1



  1. LB155 – Change dates of municipal elections

  2. LB215 – North Platte office building

  3. LB215 – North Platte office building

  4. LB215 – North Platte office building

  5. LB215 – North Platte office building

  6. LB369 – Personal loans

  7. LB493 – School attendance reports


  1. LB508 – Public Power District support to certain schools

  2. LB634 – Leasing St. Mary’s Hospital, North Platte

  3. LB634 – Leasing St. Mary’s Hospital, North Platte

  4. LB722 – Bee bill

  5. LB790 – Plumbing bill

  6. LB826 – Coal by-product fuel tax fund

  7. LB906 – Exempt private schools from state regulation


  1. LB11 – Plumbing bill

  2. LB51 – Exception to truck weight limits

  3. LB241 – Taxation

  4. LB376 – Wild West Arena

  5. LB378 – Exempting private and parochial schools

  6. LB498 – Eliminate age requirement for civil service jobs


  1. LB560 – Merging of hospital districts

  2. LB582 – North Platte fish hatchery

  3. LB582 – North Platte fish hatchery

  4. LB665 – Product liability

  5. LB788 – Require public utilities to advertise for bids

  6. LB821 – Authorize sale of land owned by University of Nebraska

  7. LB855 – Change holiday schedule

  8. LB868 – City airport authorities

  9. LB917 – Provisions for eminent domain

  10. LB921 – Fine for road obstruction

  11. LB33 – Increase State aid to schools

  12. LB33 – Increase State aid to schools

  13. LB33 – Increase State aid to schools

  14. LB33 – Increase State aid to schools


  1. LB103 – Railroad Tax bill

  2. LB103 – Railroad Tax bill

  3. LB136 – City and village improvements beyond corporate limits

  4. LB139 – Increase mileage and boarding costs for sheriffs

  5. LB293 – Alternatives to plumbing bids

  6. LB353 – Solar easement

  7. LB401 – Wildlife refuges

  8. LB402 – Interest on unsettled accounts

  9. LB403 – Exempt private schools from state regulations

  10. LB582 – North Platte fish hatchery


  1. LB635 – County attorneys

  2. LB679 – Incentive payments to counties

  3. LB726 – Teachers’ retirement pension

  4. LB776 – Farm vehicle width restrictions


  1. LB46 – Lost and temporary drivers’ licenses

  2. LB47 – Parking and towing in restricted lots

  3. LB51 – Incentive payments, highway funds

  4. LB67 – Apprentice electricians

  5. LB128 – Payment of school retirement benefits

  6. LB199 – Repeal penalty provision of Nebraska Bank Law

  7. LB288 – State employees retirement act

  8. LB436 – Prohibit discrimination on basis of state origin


  1. LB287 – Mandatory retirement age

  2. LB404 – Eliminate mandatory retirement age

  3. LB404 – Eliminate mandatory retirement age

  4. LB632 – Morrill Hall

  5. LB692 – Remove limitation on bonds of first class cities

  6. LB877 – Temporary drivers’ licenses

Series 2 – Miscellany, 1979

Box 1


  1. Notes on talks given in 1979 on State Board of Nursing and the free enterprise system



Legislation — Nebraska

Lincoln County (Neb.) — History

Nebraska. Legislature, 1975-1982

North Platte (Neb.) — History

Politics — Nebraska

Rumery, Myron G.A., 1905-1982


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