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RG1439.AM:  Moses Stocking, 1813-1881

Papers:  1876; undated

Saunders County, Nebraska:  Farmer; legislator

Size:  One folder


Born in New York in 1813, Moses Stocking arrived in Nebraska prior to 1860.  By 1860, Moses was married to Anna Loomis, and the couple had seven children.  The family lived in Cass County for a time before moving to Saunders County.  Stocking was a farmer, but he was involved in a number of pursuits, including serving in the Nebraska Legislature, serving as county commissioner and as a member of the State Board of Agriculture.  Stocking was a charter member of the Nebraska State Historical Society, and he served as director of the Nebraska State Horticultural Society, President of the Wool and Sheep Growers Association, and Vice President of the Fine Stock Breeders Association.  In 1876, Stocking received an award at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia for his exposition on wool raised on his farm.

Moses Stocking died in 1881.  He is buried in Sunrise Cemetery at Wahoo, Nebraska.


This collection consists of one folder of papers relating to Moses Stocking.  Included in the collection are a handwritten history of Saunders County by Moses Stocking, an autobiographical sketch written by Stocking, and a certificate issued to Stocking from the U.S. Centennial Commission.  Also included is a list of names and birth dates for various members of the Burr and Stocking families.  The items in the collection date from 1876 or are undated.

Note:  See the Library catalog and the Nebraska History magazine index for published materials by and about Moses Stocking.



    1. Autobiographical sketch by Moses Stocking, 10 pages, undated

    1. History of Saunders County, 51 pages, 1876

    1. U.S. Centennial Commission certificate, 1 page, 1876

    1. Burr and Stocking family information, 5 pages, undated


Subject headings:

Burr family

Saunders County (Nebraska) — History

Stocking, Moses, 1813-1881

Stocking family


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