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RG1901.AM:  Moon-Russell Family

Papers:  1904-1963

Arcadia, Valley County, Neb.:  Farmers

Size:  0.25 cu.ft.; 1 box


Millard Corwin Moon was the second son of James Madison Moon (1818-1855) and Mary Ann (Compton) Moon (1827-1918), natives of Ohio. He had two brothers, David and Alonzo Loudin (Uncle Lou) Moon. Millard was born in Ohio in 1850. He married Frances Emmeline Anderson in Ohio, February 28, 1876. She was also a native of Ohio, born near Greenfield in June, 1852.

After a period in Iowa, Millard and Frances came to Arcadia, Valley County, Nebraska in 1883 and engaged in farming. They resided near Arcadia the remainder of their lives. Millard died in March of 1907. Frances moved into town in April of that year and Milo Russell took over the farm. Frances died at Hastings, Nebraska, April 5, 1930 and was buried at Arcadia.

Millard and Frances had six children: Alonzo Loudin (Loudie), born May 14, 1882; Emma Dora (Dora Emma), born August 1886; and Estelle (Stella) Elizabeth, born January, 1892. Three children died in infancy.

Alonzo L. Moon raised sheep and farmed near Mitchell, Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska. He was owner and proprietor of Hillcrest Farm. He had graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1906 and was a school teacher for a time after that. In 1954 he was secretary of the Roosevelt Rural Public Power District. He lived most of his life near Mitchell.

Estelle married Charles Luedtke, a lifelong resident of Arcadia neighborhood, at Ord, Nebraska in 1910. Charles was born at Arcadia in June, 1883, and died at Hastings, Nebraska in November, 1960. His wife, Estelle suffered a nervous breakdown in January, 1920 and was to spend the next 37 years in institutions. Her final residence was a rest home in Ord, Nebraska. Charles was survived by Estelle and their children: Mrs. Grace Nelson and Millard Luedtke of Comstock; Merwyn of Broken Bow, Custer Co., Nebraska; Mrs. Sara Hensley of Marietta, Texas; Frank Luedtke of Arcadia; and Mrs. Ruth Zimmerman of Columbus, Nebraska. Their son, Frank was a veteran of World War II. He suffered from shell shock as a result of the war.

Milo Clarence Russell was the fourth son of Albert Edward Russell, born in Indiana on December 31, 1851 (his obituary says he was native of Delaware), and Emma Frances (Gates) Russell born in Illinois in 1856. Albert and Emma were married at Kewanee, Illinois, November 10, 1874. They had eight children. The Russell’s migrated to Platte County, Nebraska in 1877, and to Arcadia in 1903. Albert died in Omaha January 25, 1920 and Emma died in Arcadia June 21, 1911.

Milo was born at Platte Center, Nebraska in 1880. He was married to Dora Emma Moon at Arcadia, Nebraska, February 10, 1907. Milo engaged in farming on the Moon homestead until 1914 when the family moved to Edinburg, Texas. Milo died at Edinburg April 27, 1942. Milo and Dora had three children: Clarence C. (1908-1936); Emma S., who married Peyton C. Weaver and lived in Edinburg; and Daniel.

Dora, widow of Milo, was admitted to the Southwestern Insane Asylum (later the San Antonio State Hospital) on June 18, 1920, after being diagnosed with Dementia Praecox. She was transferred to Kerrvillle State Hospital, Texas, May 17, 1961, and then returned to San Antonio in November 1962 after being diagnosed with cancer. She died at San Antonio in January, 1963. Both she and Milo are buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Edinburg, Texas.


This collection consists of one box of manuscript material arranged in four series: 1) Moon-Russell Family Correspondence, 1914-1936; 2) Milo C. Russell Business Correspondence, 1906-1920; 3) Estate and Guardianship of Dora Moon Russell, 1934-1963; 4) Miscellany, 1903-1963. This collection relates primarily to the affairs, illness and confinement in the San Antonio State Hospital of Dora Moon Russell. However, the early business letters of Milo C. Russell and the letters of Frances E. Moon relate to farming and rural life of Arcadia, Valley County, Nebraska. Similarly, letters of Alonzo Loudin Moon related to his sheep raising and farming operation of Mitchell, Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska. He had 1,000 head of sheep in 1918.

Series 1 consists of Moon-Russell Family Correspondence, 1914-1963 and undated. These letters were written to and from various members of the two families. This series includes the letters of Frances E. Moon (sometimes Frank), and Alonzo L. Moon (Loudie), which relate to farming and rural life in Nebraska as well as letters written by and to Dora (Moon) Russell during her illness and confinement.

Series 2 consists of the Business Correspondence of Milo C. Russell, 1906-1920. Of primary interest are the early letters in this series which describe the activities as a farmer at Arcadia. Also included are the wills of Milo and Emma Russell.

Material relating to the affairs, illness, and confinement of Dora Moon Russell comprise Series 3. Included is correspondence with lawyers in Ord, Valley County, Nebraska, regarding the guardianship and estate of Mrs. Russell. Also included are legal papers and letters from Texas officials and doctors pertaining to Mrs. Russell’s condition.

Series 4 consists of Miscellany, 1903-1963. These include the teaching certificates of Dora Moon, 1903-1905, Genealogical data, and auction sale catalogues.


Series 1 – Moon-Russell Family Correspondence, 1914-1963, and n.d.

Box 1


  1. Frances E. Moon to daughter, Dora (Moon) Russell, Dec. 6, 1917 – June 2, 1920

  2. Milo C. Russell & children to wife, Dora, February 10 – October 2, 1918 while she was on a trip to Oklahoma and Nebraska with mother

  3. Letters to Milo C. And Dora (Moon) Russell from family and friends, Dec. 26, 1914 – Oct. 16, 1920. Correspondents include Alonzo L. Moon; Harry Russell re. Mathews estate; A.E. Russell; letters re. guardianship of Stella Luedtke; Fred J. Russell re. estate of Albert Russell; etc.

  4. Dora (Moon) Russell to relatives and friends, Feb. 3, 1919 – Dec. 25, 1959 & n.d. (especially, to Milo & children, 1934-1942, and daughter Emma & family, 1955-1959)

  5. Dora (Moon) Russell to daughter, Emma, and family, April 27, 1960 – Nov. 18, 1962

  6. Letters to Milo C. Russell from family and friends, Feb. 24, 1925 – Mar. 25, 1942 and n.d.

  7. Letters to Emma (Russell) Weaver from family and friends, April 30, 1942 – Jan. 3, 1963 (Correspondents include A.L. (Loudie) Moon; condolences on death of father, Milo C.; of Estelle & Charles Luedtke; letters re. death of Dora.

  8. Alonzo Loudin Moon (Loudie) to Emma (Russell) Weaver, Aug. 13, 1950 – Oct. 6, 1962

  9. Alonzo L. Moon to Emma (Russell) Weaver, Nov. 23, 1962 – Dec. 29, 1963

  10. Miscellaneous Family Letters, July 5, 1918 – May 4, 1942. Primarily letters to and from Frances E. Moon, July 1918 – May, 1920 & n.d. including letters from son, Alonzo, to and from sister Josephine; letters re. estate of M.A. Mathews, etc. Also includes letters on death of Milo C. Russell, April – May, 1942

Series 2 – Milo C. Russell Business Correspondence, 1906-1920


  1. June 5, 1906 – April 2, 1920 (including wills of Milo and Emma Russell)

Series 3 – Guardianship and Estate of Dora (Moon) Russell, 1934-1963


  1. Guardianship correspondence re. Dora Moon Russell, Mar. 22, 1920 – Dec. 20, 1962

  2. State Hospital correspondence re. care of Dora Moon Russell, Oct. 6, 1955 – July 31, 1961

  3. State Hospital correspondence re. care of Dora Moon Russell, Aug. 9, 1961 – Jan. 28, 1963

Series 4 – Miscellany, 1903-1963, n.d.


  1. Includes teaching certificates of Dora Moon, 1903-1905; genealogical material; estate of Edward W. Gates, 1931; will of Mary Ann (Compton) Moon Mathews, 1908; and auction sale inventories of Milo C. Russell.



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