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RG3736.AM:  Minnie V. Hoerger, 1882-1970

Papers:  1895-1948

Sutton, Clay County, Neb.:  Teacher

Size:  1 box; 0.5 cu.ft.


Minnie V. Hoerger was a life-long resident of Sutton, Nebraska, where she taught school. Active in civic and social affairs, she served as an officer of the local chapters of the American Red Cross and the Nebraska Woman’s Christian Temperance Union as well as holding memberships in the Order of Eastern Star, the PEO, the Fortnightly Club, and the Federated Church. Miss Hoerger died at the age of 88 on August 10, 1970.


The collection of Minnie V. Hoerger consists of one box of papers arranged in five series: 1) Records of the American Red Cross, Sutton, Nebraska Chapter, 1917-1940; 2) Records of the Nebraska Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, Sutton, Nebraska, 1934-1948; 3) Printed Matter; 4) Teaching Materials, 1895-1918; and 5) Miscellany.

Series 1 contains a history of the Sutton Chapter of the American Red Cross as well as invoices and letters of receipt for clothing. Also included are various published materials regarding the American Red Cross. The records of the Nebraska Woman’s Christian Temperance Union in Series 2 consist of the treasurer’s files for the Sutton organization containing bank account books and statements, lists of dues paid, and correspondence regarding financial matters. Included also are tracts and pamphlets on temperance. Series 3 contains published Bible study lessons for fifth, sixth, and seventh grades as well as a promotional booklet on Richmond, California. The Teaching Materials of Series 4 include Minnie Hoerger’s composition book, 1895; teachers’ note book, 1905; reading circle books, 1908-1909; and lesson plan books, 1909-1912 and 1918. The last series, Series 5, contains miscellany comprised of certificates, programs, and political cards of local political candidates.


Series 1 – American Red Cross (Sutton, Neb.), 1917-1940

Box 1


  1. Quotes, requisitions, invoices, shipping notices, and letters of receipt regarding articles of clothing made by the Sutton Chapter, November 1918-July 1919, and 1940

  2. History of the Sutton Chapter, 1917-1919

    Form letters from the Midwestern Branch Office, 1929

    Manual for Red Cross Chapters, 1928

    The Red Cross Courier, October 1931

Series 2 – Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (Sutton, Neb.), 1934-1948

  1. Financial Records, 1934-1948

  2. Correspondence and form letters, 1914-1948

  3. Tracts and booklets on Temperance

Series 3 – Printed Matter

  1. Bible Study Union Lessons, 1905 (for fifth, sixth, and seventh grades)

    Richmond, California: Pittsburgh of the West, 1907

Series 4 – Teaching Materials

  1. Composition Book, 1895

    Teacher’s Notebook, 1905

  2. Nebraska Teachers’ Reading Circle Books, 1908-1909

  3. Lesson Plan Book, 1909-1910

  4. Lesson Plan Book, 1910-1911

  5. Lesson Plan Book, 1911-1912

  6. Lesson Plan Book, 1918

Series 5 – Miscellany

  1. Certificates


    Political cards of local candidates



American Red Cross (Sutton, Neb.)

Clay County (Neb.) — History

Education — Nebraska

Educators — Nebraska

Hoerger, Minnie V., 1882-1970

Sutton (Neb.) — History

Teachers — Nebraska

Temperance — Nebraska

Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (Sutton, Neb.)

World War, 1914-1918 — Relief work


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