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RG3075.AM:  Methodist Episcopal Church (Roca, Neb.)

Records:  1875-1935

Roca, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Methodist Episcopal Church

Size:  1 reel of microfilm


A Methodist Episcopal Society was in existence when the town of Roca, Lancaster County, Nebraska, was incorporated in 1876. The Roca Methodist Church was originally a member of the Bennett Charge (Circuit) of the Lincoln District, Nebraska Conference of Methodist Churches. In 1877 the Bennett Charge was transferred to Roca. The Methodist Church Building in Hickman was purchased in 1928 and moved to Roca, where the two buildings were combined to form the present structure.


This collection consists of one reel of microfilm containing seven volumes of church records of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Roca, Nebraska, dating from 1875-1935. The records relate to the history and activities of the Roca church, and to the Roca Charge of the Lincoln District, Nebraska Conference of Methodist Churches. Included are minutes of the Quarterly Conferences of the Bennett and Roca Charges, lists of memberships, pastors, marriages, baptisms, and deaths, account ledgers, and Sunday school records. One volume of Sunday school records is from the Hickman Methodist Church, a member of the Roca Charge.

These records were loaned for microfilming on October 21, 1968.


Reel 1


  1. Minutes of the Quarterly Conference of the Roca Charge of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1875-1883

    Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meetings of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Roca, Nebraska, 1886-1891

    Financial Records, 1886-1887

    Membership Lists of churches in the Roca Charge

    Baptisms, 1879-1883

    Membership list of Roca Church, 1883

    Probation List, 1883

    Society Membership Lists

    Records of accessions and dismissals, 1875-1878

    Marriage Records, 1878-1881

    Financial Records, 1890-1892

    Trustee Records, 1876-1877

  2. List of Pastors, 1883-1895

    Membership Lists, 1886-1896

    Probationers List, 1884-1896

    Marriages, 1885-1893

    Baptisms, 1884-1895

  3. Record of Junior League, 1923

    List of Pastors, 1897-1908

    Probationers List, 1894-1907

    Membership List, 1897-1908

    Marriages, 1896-1908

    Baptisms, 1894-1907

  4. Pastors, 1910-1932

    Membership lists, 1909-1926

    Probationers list, 1910-1931

    Baptisms, 1917-1935

    Members in Full Connection

    Baptisms, 1916-1932

    Marriages, 1911-1934

    Funerals, 1910-1932

  5. Sunday School records, 1892-1899

  6. Financial records, 1927

  7. Sunday School records for Hickman, 1888-1892



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