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RG1391.AM:  Memorial Building Association (Nebraska City, Nebraska)

Records:  1927-1943

Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska

Size:  Two volumes


As Armistice Day approached in 1927, a group of ten Nebraska City citizens decided that the people of Otoe County should cooperate with the American Legion in planning and building a suitable memorial for their servicemen. They intended to bring the matter to the attention and consideration of the people in general through the organization of a larger committee composed of not less than one hundred members representing all phases of the business and social life of the community, not to include Legion or World War I veterans. This committee was to be known as the Committee of One Hundred of Nebraska City. At the first meeting its purpose was stated as follows: to perfect “an organization for the raising of funds for the construction of an American Legion Memorial Building.” After considerable planning, including the selection of an architect and contractors, etc., the Memorial Building was built at a cost of $75,000 and dedicated on November 11, 1929. Upon the realization of its effort, the Committee of One Hundred held its final meeting on the day of dedication.

Upon the decision of the Joint Executive Committee of One Hundred, a Memorial Building Association was established. The purpose of the organization was as follows: “to acquire and receive title to and possession of the Memorial Building; to collect, receive, and properly apply and expend monies, property, securities, subscriptions and pledges paid and entrusted to them for the construction and completion of said building and property; to secure issue of first mortgage bond to complete the payment of the building; to manage the building, etc.” This organization held its first meeting on September 22, 1929 and the corporation was officially dissolved by a meeting in February, 1943. The dissolution was effective as of April 1, 1943.


This collection consists of two volumes of minute books dating from 1927-1943. The volume containing the minutes of the Committee of One Hundred is complete from the origin of the organization on November 11, 1927 until its dissolution on November 11, 1929. Included is a list of officers and members as well as planning records, i.e. selection of architects, contractors, cost estimates, etc. The organization of the city and nearby precincts by the Committee in order to solicit funds is also developed. This volume also contains numerous newspaper clippings which trace the development of the building from its inception until the dedication ceremonies.

The second volume, the minutes of the Memorial Building Association, pertains to its efforts to complete the financing of the memorial and the maintenance of the facility. The minutes are complete from September 22, 1929 to March 25, 1943.



  1. Minutes of the Committee of One Hundred, 1927-1929

  2. Minutes of the Memorial Building Association, 1929-1943


Subject headings:

Committee of One Hundred (Nebraska City, Nebraska)

City planning — Nebraska — Nebraska City

Memorial Building Association (Nebraska City, Nebraska)

Nebraska City (Nebraska) — Buildings, structures, etc.


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