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RG3090.AM:  Margaret Davis, 1875-1958

Papers:  1836-1956

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Teacher

Size:  0.75 cu.ft.


R. R. Davis, and his wife, Biddy (Hobson) Davis, came from North Carolina and settled in Cass County, Nebraska in 1856. R. R. Davis died in 1864. His son, Stephen Alvis Davis, purchased land at Mt. Pleasant, Cass County in 1866. He married Kate Winslow, daughter of Charles H. and Sarah M. Winslow, who in 1869 had come from Maine to Nebraska. Stephen and Kate’s daughter, Margaret, was born on May 18, 1875 in Cass County.

Margaret graduated from Plattsmouth High School in 1893 and entered the University of Nebraska in 1896. In 1901, she graduated with an A.B. Degree and received her Masters degree in History in 1905. She taught school in the Plattsmouth, Fremont (1901-1904) and Lincoln school systems, particularly Lincoln High School (1906-1946). She retired in June of 1942. Margaret was also President of the Lincoln Teachers Association (1923), the P.E.O. Round Table (1935), and Chapter K, P.E.O. (1917-1919). She was a director of the Y.W.C.A. and a member of the American Association of University Women. During World War II she served as treasurer of the British War Relief Society, Inc., Lincoln Chapter (1940-1945). She died in Lincoln in June of 1958.


The bulk of the materials relate to Miss Davis’ involvement in the British War Relief Society and are arranged in four series: 1) British War Relief Society, Inc., 1940-1945; 2) Land Records; 3) Miscellaneous; and 4) Scrapbooks. Series 1 contains minutes, bulletins, a scrapbook, and annual reports of the British War Relief Society. Series 2, Land Records, includes deeds, mortgages, Land Office patents, etc. of the Davis and Winslow families in Maine, Kansas, and Cass County, Nebraska. Series 3, Miscellaneous, relates to Cass County and Nebraska history. The Scrapbooks of Series 4 relate to the University of Nebraska Class of 1901; to Margaret’s Lincoln High School career; and poems and stories (c.1882) collected by Jane Thompson, an aunt.


Series 1 – British War Relief Society, Inc., 1940-1945, n.d.

Box 1


  1. Correspondence, 1943; Minutes of the Lincoln Chapter, British War Relief Society, Inc., 1942, Oct. – 1945, Aug. [1 vol.]

  2. Annual reports and miscellaneous pamphlets, 1940-1943 and n.d.

  3. Scrapbook, 1941-1945 [includes photos]

  4. ANews Bulletin, 1940, May – 1942, Dec. [#4-5, 7-11, 15-49]

  5. ANews Bulletin, 1943, Jan. – 1945, May [#50-66 and unnumbered]

Series 2 – Land Records, 1836-1897

  1. Land records of Charles H. and Sarah M. Winslow — Kennebec, Maine, 1837-1838; Cass County, Nebraska, 1860-1872; and Adams County, Nebraska, 1897 [includes guardianship of Sarah Augustus and Susan E. Hunter to Catherine Hunter, 1836]

  2. Warranty Deed, J.H. Bates to Kate Winslow Davis, Cass County, Nebraska, 1880

  3. Land records of R.R. (grandfather), Orlando J. (uncle), and Stephen A. Davis (father), Cass County, Nebraska, 1865-1881; Kansas, 1872

  4. Land records of Robert Whiteside and James Dollins, 1860-1861

Series 3 – Miscellaneous, 1868-1901

  1. Clipping, 1901

    Teaching certificate of Stephen A. Davis, 1868

    Receipt for teaching of S.A. Bear, 1874

Series 4 – Scrapbooks, ca. 1882-1956

  1. Miscellaneous, c.1882 [published poems and stories collected by Jane Thompson (Aunt Jane)]

  2. Miscellaneous, 1912-1956 [clippings, programs and photos relating to Margaret Davis’ teaching career at Lincoln High School, 1912-1946; also includes some material on the British War Relief Society, Inc.]

  3. University of Nebraska Class of 1901 [includes clippings, correspondence, minutes and photos compiled by Margaret Davis, Secretary] (see oversize)



British War Relief Society, Lincoln Chapter (Lincoln, Neb.)

Cass County (Neb.) — History

Davis family

Davis, Margaret, 1875-1958

Lincoln High School (Lincoln, Neb.)

Nebraska. University. Lincoln. Class of 1901

Thompson, Jane, -1882

Winslow family


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