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RG3488.AM:  Mabel Lindly, 1873-1935

Papers:  1920-1930

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska:  Genealogist

Size:  2.5 cu.ft.; 5 boxes


Mabel Lindly was born in 1873, the daughter of William Alden Lindly and Eliza Wray at Oskaloosa, Iowa. She came to Lincoln with her parents in 1886, graduated from Lincoln High School, and received her A.B. from the University of Nebraska in 1895. Through the services of Gov. Robert Treat of Connecticut, Miss Lindly established her eligibility to membership in the Hereditary Order of Colonial Dames of America. Through the ancestry of Francis Linsley (1639) she was a member of the Society of Dames of Founders and Patriots of America.

Miss Lindly helped to establish and was the first editor of the Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record from 1923-1928. She served the Nebraska Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution as corresponding secretary from 1919 until 1921, and as state historian she compiled and edited the Nebraska State History of the Debra Avery Chapter of the D.A.R. at Lincoln. She was regent of the Deborah Avery Chapter. In addition to her genealogical activities she was also a member of the National League of American Pen Women.

Miss Lindly died on 10 October 1935 in Lincoln, Nebraska.


This collection consists of the genealogical records of Mabel Lindly arranged in three series: A) Processor’s Index; 1) Genealogies; and 2) Miscellaneous. The bulk of this collection relates to the descendants of the Mayflower passengers; Isaac Allerton, John Alden, William Bradford, William Brewster, and Isaac Chilton; and to the genealogical background of Mabel Lindly. There is also correspondence, along with miscellaneous genealogies sent for publication to Miss Lindly in her capacity as Editor of Nebraska Midwest Genealogical Record. Some of the more extensive works cover the surnames of ANDERSON, BRADLEY, CLEVELAND, CRANE, DAY, DE WOLF, EDWARDS, FREEMAN, GAYLORD, GEIST-TEDROW, LUDLOW, PATTERSON, LINDLY-FINDLEY, PEARCE-PIERCE, PLUM-PLUMB, PROUDFOOT, TEDROW, RAY-WRAY, SARGEANT, STEWART, and THOMPSON. The last series contains clippings (not indexed) from the Boston Transcript that relate to the families in the collection. A complete index to the collection is provided in Series A [Box 1].

Note:  See the Library Catalog for copies of the Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record as well as various other genealogical resources.


Series A – Processor’s Index

Box 1


  1. Processor’s Index

Series 1 – Genealogies

  1. A, Miscellaneous Genealogies

  2. Anderson Genealogy

  3. B, Miscellaneous Genealogies

  4. Bradley Genealogy, (Conn.)

  5. C, Miscellaneous Genealogies

  6. Crane Genealogy, (N.J.)

  7. D, Miscellaneous Genealogies

  8. Day Genealogy, (Conn.)

  9. De Wolf Genealogy, (Conn.)

  10. E, Miscellaneous Genealogies

  11. Edwards Genealogy, (England, Mass., N.Y., and Conn.)

  12. F, Miscellaneous Genealogies

  13. Findly Genealogy, (Pa., Tenn.), 29 pages; and 2 family charts

  14. Freeman Genealogy, (Conn.), 75 pages; includes Perry, Prence, Brewster, Bradford, Linsly, and others

Box 2


  1. G, Miscellaneous Genealogies

  2. Gaylord Genealogy, (Normandy-New Eng.), 27 pages

  3. Geist-Tedrow Genealogy, (16th century Germany to Harry B. Tedrow , Denver, Colo.)

  4. Geist-Tedrow Genealogy, (16th century Germany to Harry B. Tedrow , Denver, Colo.)

  5. H, I, J, K, Miscellaneous Genealogies; indexes from various publication

  6. Lindly Genealogy, 62 pages; includes Minton, Davidson, Finley, Webb, and Jackson families

  7. Ludlow Genealogy, (N.Y.), 15 pages

  8. M, N, O, P, Miscellaneous Genealogies

  9. Patterson Genealogy, (Mass.), approx. 100 pages; includes Findly, Stevenson & Peat families

  10. Pearce-Pierce Genealogy, (Mass.), approx. 150 pages

  11. Plum-Plumb Genealogy, (Conn.), 55 pages

Box 3


  1. Proudfoot-Tedrow Genealogy, by Harry Beecher and Myrtle Rosalie Tedrow; includes Penrose, Leech, Vanscoys, and Hitt families

  2. R, Miscellaneous Genealogies

  3. Ray-Wray Genealogy, (N.C., Mass., Conn., Tenn.); includes Pearce, Ludlow, 28 pages

  4. S, Miscellaneous Genealogies

  5. Sargeant Genealogy, (Mass., Conn.), 35 pages

  6. Stewart Clan Magazine, Vol. 1-3, July 1922-February 1925 (complete) from Filley, Neb.

  7. Thompson Genealogy, (New Eng.), approx. 200 pages

  8. V, W, Miscellaneous Genealogies

  9. Genealogical Charts

Series 2 – Miscellaneous

  1. Indexes to various publications; [see index to collection]

  2. Genealogical references and catalogues (Goodspeed’s) by States [see index to collection]

Box 4


  1. Miscellaneous Genealogical reports and correspondence, includes information on the Caldwell, Sparrow, Prence, Freeman, Minthorn, Muchmore, Worden, Hoover, Falley, Ray, Finley, Bradley, and Cleveland families, 21 pages

  2. General Information

  3. Boston Transcript records (not indexed)

  4. Boston Transcript records (not indexed)

  5. Boston Transcript records (not indexed)

  6. Boston Transcript records (not indexed)

  7. Boston Transcript records (not indexed)

Box 5


  1. Boston Transcript records (not indexed)


Subject headings:

Anderson family

Bradley family

Cleveland family

Crane family

Day family

De Wolf family

Edwards family

Findley family

Freeman family

Gaylord family

Geist family


Lindly, Mabel, 1873-1935

Lindly family

Ludlow family

Patterson family

Pearce family

Pierce family

Plum family

Plumb family

Proudfoot family

Ray family

Sargeant family

Stewart family

Tedrow family

Thompson family

Wray family


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