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RG1432.AM:  Lucien Stebbins, 1833-1921

Ephemera:  1914, n.d.

North Platte, Lincoln County, Nebraska:  Legislator

Size:  Two items


Born in South Wilbraham, Massachusetts, February 1, 1833, Lucien Stebbins moved to Pike County, Illinois, in 1850.  In the 1860s and 1870s he spent time in various central, western and Pacific states before settling at North Platte, Nebraska, around 1873.  Stebbins married Elizabeth Walsh on October 19, 1859.  He served in the Nebraska House of Representatives for several years, representing the fifty-fourth district.  He was a member of the committees on county boundaries, county seats and township organization, constitutional amendments and federal relations, livestock and grazing, and served as Chairman of the committee on irrigation.  Lucien Stebbins died unexpectedly in Chicago, Illinois on November 6, 1921, while speaking at a conference.  He is buried in the North Platte Cemetery, North Platte, Nebraska.


This collection consists of two items written by Lucien Stebbins relating to politics.  The first item is an undated Populist broadside entitled, “The Father of Populism.”  The broadside contains writings of Lucien Stebbins, Populist member of the Nebraska Legislature.  The second item is an issue of The Open Forum Bulletin, vol. 1, no. 4, September 1914.  The issue contains the article, “The Campaign of 1914,” by Lucien Stebbins (Non-Partisan Candidate for Congress by Petition, Sixth District, Nebraska).



    1. Broadside, “The Father of Populism”

    1. “The Campaign of 1914,” The Open Forum Bulletin, vol. 1, no. 4, September 1914.


Subject headings:

Politicians — Nebraska

Politics and government — Nebraska

Populism — Nebraska

Stebbins, Lucien, 1833-1921


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