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RG1191.AM:  Long Pine House (Long Pine, Nebraska)

Guest register:  1884

Long Pine, Brown County, Nebraska:  Hotel/rooming house

Size:  Two pages


This collection consists of two pages (one page front and back) from the guest register of the Long Pine House at Long Pine, Nebraska.  Entries on the pages include names of guests, their residence, room number and if they had horses.  The entries date from February 5-7, 1884.  Of particular note is the signature of William Albert “Kid” Wade, member of the Pony Gang led by Doc Middleton.

Wade was captured near Lemars, Iowa, and then taken by vigilantes back to Long Pine, Nebraska.  According to notations on the page, the vigilantes took Wade out to a local bridge to hang him, but he was taken into custody by the Holt County Sheriff and brought to Bassett.  The vigilantes then took Wade back from the sheriff and proceeded to hang him from a telegraph pole just east of Bassett.

Note:  For more information about “Kid” Wade, see the Library for Outlaw Tales of Nebraska by T.D. Griffith.  See also T. Josephine Haugen’s, “The Lynching of Kid Wade,” Nebraska History, vol. 14, no. 1, 1933, pp. 18-34.


Long Pine House register page, February 5-7, 1884


Subject headings:

Brown County (Nebraska) — History

Criminals — Nebraska

Long Pine (Nebraska) — History

Long Pine House (Long Pine, Nebraska)

Lynching — Nebraska

Outlaws — Nebraska

Wade, William Albert “Kid,” 1863- 1884


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