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RG3427.AM:  Lincoln Foundation (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Records:  1954-1964, 1970

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska:  Philanthropic organization

Size: 0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box


The Lincoln Foundation, a community foundation which supports various community organizations and their projects, was founded in 1954.  The original seed money was a $50,000 grant from the Woods family.  Mrs. Ruth Hill, the provider of these papers, was a founding member.  She served as an officer until 1966.  The Lincoln Foundation is active in community affairs in Lincoln today.


This collection of records of the Lincoln Foundation is arranged in three series:

Series 1 – Lincoln Foundation records, 1954-1964

Series 2 – Lincoln Youth Project records, 1957-1963

Series 3 – Miscellany, 1957-1963

The materials in this collection relate to the creation and operation of the Lincoln Foundation.  They were copies of original documents which Mrs. Hill used in her capacity as an officer of the foundation.  The original records are in the possession of the Lincoln Foundation.

The records in Series 1 are typical board meeting notes and minutes, articles of incorporation, and limited foundation history.  Series 2 contains correspondence, minutes, and reports of the Lincoln Youth Project (one of its larger single projects).  Series 3 contains various miscellany including papers and notes relative to a meeting of the National Council on Community Foundations which was held in May of 1959.

This collection of records, while occasionally fragmentary, provides an executives view of the inner working of a significant Lincoln organization during its first twelve years.  While there are few personal notes, the minutes and correspondence do provide a feel for the Lincoln Foundation, its goals, and its people.

Since these records are the working copies of an officer, they do not provide a thorough look at the foundation.  More information may be available directly from the Lincoln Foundation.

Accession Number:  572 (10-16-1975)


Series 1 – Lincoln Foundation records, 1954-1964

Box 1


  1. Articles of incorporation, 1954-1960

  2. Lists of officers and incorporators, 1955-1960

  3. Executive Committee minutes and notes, June 1959-June 1964

  4. Executive Committee minutes and notes, May 1955-June 1959

  5. Regular Board minutes, April 1955-March 1963

  6. Annual meeting minutes and notes, 1955-1962, 1970

  7. History, 1954-1960

Series 2 – Lincoln Youth Project records, 1955-1958

  1. Correspondence, minutes, reports, 1955-1958

Series 3 – Miscellany, 1957-1963

  1. National Council on Community Foundations, papers and notes, May 1952

  2. Correspondence, notes


Subject headings:

Foundations, community — Nebraska

Hill, Ruth

Lincoln Foundation (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Lincoln (Nebraska) — History



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