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RG3125.AM:  LeRoy Bisbee, 1874-1963

Papers, research materials:  1854-1960

Arlington, Washington County, Neb.:  Historian

Size:  1.5 cu.ft.; 2 boxes and 3 scrapbooks


LeRoy Bisbee, 1874-1963, was descended from one of the early settlers of Fontanelle, Nebraska. As a local historian, he accumulated a large amount of personal reminiscences and historical and biographical material dealing with Fontanelle and Washington County, Nebraska.


This collection is arranged in eleven series: 1) Correspondence, 1856-1960; 2) Histories of Fontanelle; 3) Histories of Washington County; 4) Biographical sketches of early settlers; 5) Nebraska University at Fontanelle; 6) The Nebraska Colonization Company; 7) Churches and church groups; 8) Narratives; 9) Miscellaneous receipts, notes, and pamphlets; 10) Clippings and printed articles; and 11) Scrapbooks.

The materials relate to the early history of Fontanelle, Nebraska Territory, and of Washington County. The collection includes a great deal of information about and by early settlers in the area, and about the Nebraska University established at Fontanelle in 1857.

Correspondents include: C.B. Bisbee, 1871; Mrs. George A. Custer, 1923; James W. Dawes, 1889; Mary Welles Gaylord, 1882; Reuben Gaylord, 1887; Mrs. E.R. Kline, 1879-1881; Waldo Lyon, 1866; David H. Mercer, 1900; Arley B. Show, 1889-1890.

Note:  For related materials see Nebraska Colonization Company [RG4369]; Logan Fontenelle [RG1001]; and Fontenelle Family [RG1738]. The NSHS Library collection contains numerous publications about the history of Fontanelle and Washington County as well as members of the Fontenelle family. The Nebraska History Index also contains references to various related articles.


Series 1 – Correspondence, 1856-1960

Box 1


  1. 1856-1900

  2. 1901-1960

Series 2 – Histories of Fontanelle

  1. Five manuscripts

Series 3 – Histories of Washington County

  1. Four manuscripts

Series 4 – Biographical Sketches

  1. Includes material on most of the early settlers in the area

Series 5 – Nebraska University

  1. Mostly minutes of the “Executive Committee of the University” between 1858 and 1869 [transcripts only]

Series 6 – Nebraska Colonization Company

  1. Constitution and minutes, 1854-1857

Series 7 Churches and Church Groups

  1. Historical notes

Series 8 – Narratives

  1. Death and burial of Logan Fontanelle

    flour mill

    grass hopper plague

    Trail From Omaha to Decatur, 1857, unsigned

Series 9 – Miscellaneous

  1. Receipts, a marriage license, a deed

  2. Nebraska University bulletin, 1868; items on Gen. George A. Custer and John C. Fremont

  3. Four pamphlets, souvenirs of the Custer monument and museum

Series 10 – Clippings and Printed Articles

Box 2


  1. Articles from magazines and books on historical topics

  2. Articles from magazines and books on historical topics

  3. Newspaper clippings on historical topics

  4. Newspaper clippings on historical topics

Series 11 – Scrapbooks


  1. Pictures and articles about Custer and the Sioux

  2. Pictures and articles about Indians

  3. Pictures by Frederick Remington



Bisbee, LeRoy, 1874-1963

Custer, George Armstrong, 1839-1876

Fontanelle (Neb.) — History

Fontenelle, Logan, 1825-1855

Fremont, John Charles, 1813-1890

Grasshoppers — Nebraska

Mills and millwork — Nebraska

Nebraska Colonization Company

Nebraska University (Fontanelle, Neb.)

Washington County (Neb.) — History


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