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RG0993.AM:  Leonard B. Fenner, 1870-1960

Papers: 1919-1942

Burwell, Garfield County, Nebraska:  American Red Cross worker

Size: One folder


The manuscript portion of the collection consists of one folder containing newspaper articles and other information about Leonard B. Fenner. The bulk of the materials relates to a German World War I cannon that Fenner received in recognition for distinguished service in Red Cross relief in Europe during the war. Georges Clemenceau, Prime Minister of France, had the cannon shipped to Fenner after the war. The cannon was displayed at the park in Burwell for a number of years before being sent to Lincoln and stored in the Nebraska National Guard building on the State Fair grounds. During World War II, Fenner donated the canon to the war effort. It was cut into pieces and melted down during a scrap metal drive in 1942.

Note:  The photo component [RG0993.PH] consists of five photographs. One photo is of Leonard Fenner in military uniform. The other four photos show various views of the German World War I canon presented to Fenner after the war.


Subject headings:

Artillery (Weaponry)


Fenner, Leonard B., 1870-1960

World War I


TMM     11-21-2016