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RG1314.AM:  Laurie Ella (Kent) Phillips, 1884-1969

Writings:  1951-1966

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska:  Author

Size:  0.25 cu.ft.; 1 box


Born at Kenesaw, Nebraska, on May 6, 1884, Laurie Ella Kent was the daughter of William Oscar and Harriet (Courtright) Kent.  Laurie married George H. Phillips at Kenesaw on November 18, 1903.  They had two children, Gordon and Gweneth.  Laurie wrote articles, poems and short stories that were published in various publications throughout the 1950s and 1960s.  She was active in numerous organizations, including the Nebraska Writers Guild, National Writers Club, Daughters of the American Revolution, and Order of the Eastern Star.  Laurie (Kent) Phillips died in Lincoln, Nebraska, on January 1, 1969.  She is buried in Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska.


The collection consists of various writings by Laurie Kent Phillips dating from ca. 1951-1966.  The collection includes both typed manuscripts and published articles, as well as correspondence from publishers, records of payments received for publication, etc.  The collection is generally organized by year based on when the item was written (not necessarily when it was published).

Note:  See the Library for the poetry publication Prairie Winds by Laura Kent Phillips [811 P54p].


Box 1


  1. ABC for the Girl in Business, 1951

  2. Bread for the Children, 1952

  3. Are You Reading The Best Seller?, 1953

  4. The Bond Between, 1953

  5. Break That Deadly Silence, 1953

  6. Free Board and Lodging, 1953

  7. Health and Happiness, 1953

  8. Realize Your Kinship, 1953

  9. Redfox Runs Again, 1953

  10. The Boy Who Hated Dogs, 1956

  11. A Milestone for Dennis, 1957

  12. Dodo Goes to Work, 1961

  13. One-Man Dog, 1961

  14. A Fable, 1962

  15. Faith and Prayer, 1963

  16. Remember Me, 1963

  17. Stop, Look and Listen, 1963

  18. The Lonesome Schoolhouse, 1965


Subject headings:

Authors — Nebraska

Phillips, Laurie Ella (Kent), 1884-1969




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