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RG3794.AM:  Kenneth D. Curtis, 1906-1994

Papers:  1946-1975

Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska:  Author

Size:  1 folder


Born in Phelps County, Nebraska, on July 5, 1906, Kenneth Donald Curtis grew up in the Harvard area, graduating from Harvard High School.  He attended Golden Gate College, Columbia University and the University of Nebraska Omaha.  He served in the U.S. Navy from 1942 to 1945.  After World War II he settled in Hastings, Nebraska, and became a freelance writer.  Kenneth D. Curtis died on May 27, 1994 and is buried in Fort McPherson National Cemetery at Maxwell, Nebraska.


This collection consists of one folder containing various articles written by Kenneth D. Curtis.  Also included are two items relating to his time in the military during World War II.  Most of the articles relate to or have some connection with Nebraska.  Items in the collection date from ca. 1946 to 1975.



    1. Claim for Settlement – Unused Leave (Armed Forces Leave Act of 1946)

    1. War Ration Book

    1. “Craziest Campaign Posed Query: ‘What’s in a Name’,” Labor’s Daily, Bettendorf, Iowa, vol. 4, no. 220, July 25, 1956, p. 10 [regarding Sen. George W. Norris’ campaign in 1930]

    1. Proof – “Master and Maker of Violins,” Success, Unlimited, September 1957 [about violin maker and UNL music professor Carl Frederick Steckelberg]

    1. “Saga of the Swedes in Nebraska,” Lutheran Companion, Rock Island, Ill., vol. 103, no. 48, Nov. 27, 1957

    1. “Why Don’t Eskimos Need Dentists?” Your Health magazine, New York, NY, vol. 20, no. 2, Fall 1958 [about Lincoln, Nebraska dentist Carl J. Henkelmann’s work with the Eskimos]

    1. “Real Visitors from Outer Space,” The Rotarian, August 1960 [about meteorites; references to Nebraska]

    1. “There’s Nothing Like a Hole in the Ground,” Camping Guide, September 1960 [discusses various caves; mentions John Brown’s Cave at Nebraska City]

    1. Draft – “Historic St. Ignatius Mission,” ca. 1961 [Montana]

    1. “Wagon Train to Virginia City,” Saga, May 1962 [describes wagon train from Niobrara, Nebraska, to Virginia City, Montana]

    1. “Teach Yourself To Think Creatively,” Success, Unlimited, vol. 9, no. 6, June 1962 [about UNL professor Robert Crawford’s teachings on thinking creatively]

    1. “Edward Creighton: He bound the Union together with wire,” The Apostle, vol. 40, no. 11, November 1962 [about Edward Creighton and building the telegraph system]

    1. “Roving Sky Pilots,” True West, May-June 1963 [about itinerant frontier preachers]

    1. “A Shooting Champ with New Ideas,” Guns & Ammo, August 1963 [about Olympic shooter and later, Nebraska Senator, Gary Anderson]

    1. “Charnley’s Fabulous Guns,” Hobbies, April 1965 [about the Walter J. Charnley firearm collection held at the Nebraska History Museum]

    1. “From the ‘Beef Factory,’ Better Meat for Less?” The National Observer, Monday, April 19, 1965, p. 14, col. 1 [discusses the beef industry; mentions Nebraska]

    1. “You Can Fly as Free as a Bird,” V.F.W. Magazine, January 1967 [about sail planes and gliders; mentions the 1964 U.S. Soaring Championships were held in July at a World War II bomber base in rural Red Willow County, Nebraska, and that a soaring distance record was set between Odessa, Texas, and Kimball, Nebraska.]

    1. “The Fighting Rum-Runners,” Topper, February 1967

    1. Manuscript – “Blood With Your Booze: Rum War at Sea,” full length version of “The Fighting Rum-Runners”

    1. “Wagons Ho, 1967,” Empire: The Magazine of the Denver Post, March 19, 1967 [describes a tourist wagon train trip along the Smoky Hill Trail in Kansas]

    1. “Go Fly a Kite!” The Elks Magazine, April 1967 [about kite flying]

    1. “Tracking Tornados,” News Front, August 1967 [about tracking tornados; mentions Nebraska]

    1. “Racing Rubber Rafts,” Lakeland Boating magazine, August 1975 [about rafting on the Missouri River; mentions Omaha]


Subject headings:

Anderson, Gary Lee, 1939-

Crawford, Robert P., 1893-1970

Creighton, Edward A, 1820-1874

Curtis, Kenneth D., 1906-1994

Dentists — Nebraska — Lincoln


Henkelmann, Carl J., 1900-1966

Norris, George William, 1861-1944

Politicians — Nebraska

Politics — Nebraska

Steckelberg, Carl Frederic, 1875-1960

Swedes in Nebraska

Swedish-Americans — Nebraska

Violin makers — Nebraska — Lincoln


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