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RG3039.AM:  John R. Grimit, 1833-

Diaries:  1868-1892

Tecumseh, Johnson County, Neb.:  Farmer

Size:  25 volumes (on microfilm)


John Grimit was born on March 8, 1833, probably in West Virginia. In April of 1864 he moved from Monroe County, West Virginia, to a place called “Ten Mile Creek.” In March 1865, he left there to go to work for G.W. Craig in Mason County, for whom he did general farm work and possibly clerked in a store owned by Craig. He remained until 1870, when he moved to take general farm work elsewhere. Between 1874 and 1882, his location is not know, but in 1882 he crossed the Missouri River at Brownville, and drove his wagon into the Southeastern counties of Nebraska, down into Kansas, and later back into Nebraska. After his return to Nebraska, and on into 1873, he seems to have done commercial hunting in Western Nebraska. In April 1883, he took up a land claim near Ord in Valley County, but apparently had to continue commercial hunting while he was getting settled. His main occupation was, however, farming and stock raising, until 1885 when he began teaching school in District #6. In March 1892, he moved to Tecumseh, Nebraska, where he was again occupied in farming.


This collection consists of a series of twenty-five diaries. These diaries were created by John R. Grimit between 1868-1892. Entries deal mainly with farming and notes on stock breeding. There are also entries telling of deer hunting in Western Nebraska, and mention of several ranchers and ranches in the area.

Note:  The diaries have been microfilmed for preservation. Researchers are asked to use the microfilm.



  1. 1868, Mar.-1872, Oct.

  2. 1882, Jan.-Dec.

  3. 1882, July-Aug.

  4. 1882, Nov.-Dec.

  5. 1883, Jan.-Dec.

  6. 1883, May-July

  7. 1883, Oct.-1884, Mar.

  8. 1884, Mar.-Aug.

  9. 1885, school record

  10. 1885, Jan.-Mar.

  11. 1885, Feb.-May

  12. 1885, May-Aug.

  13. 1885, Aug.-Sept.

  14. 1885, Sept.-Oct.

  15. 1885, Oct.-Nov.

  16. 1885, Dec.-1886, Feb.

  17. 1886, Mar.-Apr.

  18. 1886, Apr.-May

  19. 1886, June-Aug.

  20. 1886, Aug.-1888, July

  21. 1888, Aug.-1889, Dec.

  22. 1889, Sept.-Oct.

  23. 1890, Apr.-Aug.

  24. 1890, Sept.-1892, Mar.

  25. 1892, Apr.-Dec.



Agricultural laborers — Nebraska

Farm life, 1868-1892

Grimit, John R., 1833-


Livestock — Nebraska

Ranches and ranching — Nebraska


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