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RG1449.AM:  John Patrick Sutton, 1845-1934

Correspondence, etc.: 1910-1969

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska:  Author; editor; soldier

Size:  One folder


Born in Ireland in 1845, John Patrick Sutton came to the United States in 1865.  He settled at St. Louis and joined the Army.  During his service in the army, he was stationed at Jefferson barracks in Missouri, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and Fort Kearny, Nebraska.  He served in the party of General Dodge while they made a survey of the Rocky Mountain region.  In 1869, he completed his enlistment and joined other members of his family in Canada.  Sutton married Mary Clancy in 1872 and for several years leaved in Quebec, Montreal and New York City.  In 1885, he became the Canadian organizer for the Irish National League.

In 1886, Sutton moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, where he served as paymaster for the Fitzgerald-Mallory Construction Company, whose president was John Fitzgerald.  Fitzgerald served as president of the Irish National League of America, and Sutton became secretary.  Over the years, Sutton served as a writer for and editor of several publications, including the Irish Republic, a New York publication.  John Patrick Sutton died on March 14, 1934 and was laid to rest in Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska.


The collection consists of one folder containing information about the life and career of John Patrick Sutton and his association with the Irish National League of America.  The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence between researchers and Paul Riley of the Nebraska State Historical Society from the late 1960s.  The letters exchange information about John P. Sutton.  Also included are copies of newspaper articles about John P. Sutton, including his obituary.  Also included are two original letters from John P. Sutton to the Nebraska State Historical Society from 1914 and 1926.  Additional information about the Sutton family, as well as John Fitzgerald are included.


Correspondence, articles, etc., about John P. Sutton, 1910-1969


Subject headings:

Carrington, Henry Beebee, 1824-1912

Fitzgerald, John

Irish National League of America

Red River Rebellion, 1869-1870

Sutton family

Sutton, John Patrick, 1845-1934


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