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RG3631.AM:  John Lewis Teeters, 1861-1946

Papers:  1882-1912

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Attorney; Jeweler; Collector

Size:  2 folders


John Lewis Teeters was born at Iowa City, Iowa, the son of Albert and Ellen Baker Wood Teeters. He received his early education in the common schools. In 1886 he graduated from the University of Iowa with the Bachelors Degree. From 1886-1887 Teeters worked for a wholesale jewelry firm in Des Moines, Iowa, and in the latter year, moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, where he began the study of law. In 1891 Teeters was admitted to the Nebraska Bar and practiced law for several years until he again entered the jewelry business. He married Sophy W. Hutchinson on September 30, 1891, in Iowa City, Iowa.

John L. Teeters was also active in Civic affairs and served as a member of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents from 1900 to 1906, was a founder of the Lincoln General Hospital board, and was an active member of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. Teeters died in Lincoln on October 23, 1946.


This collection consists of two folders of manuscript material. The bulk of the collection consists of letters Teeters received from locally prominent persons in Iowa City, Iowa, and Lincoln, Nebraska, which appear to have been saved primarily for their autograph value. Also included in the collection are various steamer trunk labels apparently collected by Teeters during an overseas voyage.



  1. Correspondence/autographs, 1882-1912

  2. Steamer trunk labels; biographical information

List of correspondents:

Oscar Wilde (autograph), Iowa City, April 1882

Jefferson Davis (autograph), Beauvois, June 12, 1885

W.H. Thomas, Chicago, Sept. 26, 1882; Oct. 5, 1882

S.J. Kirkwood, Iowa City, Feb. 25, 1884

David Swing, Chicago, Oct. 6, 1884; undated

E.M. McClain, Iowa City, Oct. 20, 1884

P.H. Philbrick, Iowa City, Nov. 1, 1884

Austin Adams, Dubuque, Nov. 17, 1884

T.L. Parvin, Iowa City, Nov. 26, 1886

T.H. McBride, Iowa City, Mar. 25, 1889

Julia Larrabee, Clermont (Iowa), July 24, 1890

Charles L. Powell, Panora (Iowa), Nov. 26, 1890

C.A. Starr, Des Moines, Apr. 4, 1892

G.G. Marquardt, Des Moines, April 18, 1892

William Jennings Bryan (brief notation), Dec. 19, 1899; Dec. 14, 1912

G.M. Hitchcock, Omaha, Jan. 16, 1900

W.A. Poynter, Lincoln, Jan. 31, 1900; Mar. 30, 1900

Charles E. Bessey, Lincoln, Mar. 10, 1900; undated

Roscoe Pound, Lincoln, May 29, 1900

Charles A. Towne, Duluth (Minn.), June 13, 1900

E. Benjamin Andrews, Lincoln, Aug. 2, 1900; Feb. 6, 1904

John Campbell, Denver, Sept. 15, 1900

H.G. Shedd, Lincoln, Oct. 10, 1900

Robert W. Furnas, Brownville (Neb.), June 6, 1904

William Larrabee, Clermont (Iowa), Feb. 25, 1905

Woodrow Wilson, Princeton (N.J.), Nov. 1912

W.E. Sheridan (undated autograph) and clipping of an account of his performance in Louis XI




Collectors and collecting

Teeters, John Lewis, 1861-1946


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