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RG3515.AM:  John Holden McBride, 1808-1895

Correspondence:  1850-1864

Marion, Illinois and Wabash, Cass County, Nebraska

Size:  0.25 cu.ft.; 1 box


Born in 1808, John Holden McBride lived in Marion, Ogle County, Illinois.  He married Clarissa Patrick in Ohio in 1837.  The couple had nine children:  George, Marcella, Marsia, John Lucien, Delwyn, Robert, C. Frederick, Clara, and Lucy.  John H. McBride traveled to California in 1850 during the gold rush.  By 1860 he had returned to his family in Illinois.  The 1870 census shows the family living in Nodaway County, Missouri, and by 1880 the family was living in Jefferson, Kansas.  John Holden McBride died in Cass County, Nebraska, in 1895 and is buried in the Wabash Cemetery at Wabash, Nebraska.

John Lucien McBride, son of John H. and Clarissa McBride, was born in Marion, Illinois, April 13, 1845.  On March 5, 1862, he enlisted in Company D of the 51st Illinois Volunteers.  He died of a head wound on the battlefield of Chickamauga on September 19, 1863.  His body was removed to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and buried in the Chattanooga National Cemetery.


This collection consists of one box containing correspondence from John H. and John Lucien Holden.  The bulk of this collection consists of nineteen letters written by John Lucien McBride to his mother in the years 1862-1863.  Also included are seven letters by John H. McBride to his wife describing his overland journey to the gold fields of California in 1850-1853.  Photocopies or transcriptions of the original letters are also included.  The last folder contains one letter dated April 23, 1864.  It was sent from the Chaplain of the 51st Illinois Volunteers to John Lucien’s aunt to inform her about his death and burial at Chattanooga.

Note:  Photographs of John H. and Clarissa McBride are located in the “Families” photo collection [RG3357.PH].


Box 1


  1. John H. McBride correspondence, 1850-1853

  2. John H. McBride correspondence, 1850-1853 (transcriptions)

  3. John Lucien McBride correspondence, 1862-1863

  4. John Lucien McBride correspondence, 1862-1863 (photocopies)

  5. Correspondence, 1864, April 23


Subject headings:

McBride family

McBride, John Holden, 1808-1895

McBride, John Lucien, 1845-1863

Overland journeys to the Pacific — Personal narratives

U.S. History. Civil War — Personal narratives


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